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Simple Regeneration Age Defying Range Review

Keeping the crows feet at bay any way I can
Recently I raved about Simple's new Regeneration age defying face wash on my April faves blog and the lovely people at Simple sent me a few more products in the range to try, all packed with "green tea goodness" and apparently good to help fight premature ageing.
Always on the look out for products to keep the wrinkles at bay (I'm 41 after all)  this has been one review I was very happy to do.
I used the products for four weeks so I could see if they made any difference at all.My skin is in quite good nick for my age and I'm aware that there is only so much skin creams can do so my criteria is really maintaining what I have rather than expecting a face lift in a tube (although if that does exist can I have  a little pot to review ta)
Age resisting night cream-light and moisturising with a rather agreeable price tag
The first product was the Regeneration Age Resisting Night-Cream I usually always use Olays regnenerist 3 point cream at night and think it works really well (I'm not looking too haggish)  but was happy to give this a go especially as the Olay product is £30 and this is £5.99. 
The cream itself is very light and not sticky which gets  a big thumbs up from me. There is nothing worse than feeling like an oil slick when you go to bed. It sank into the skin quickly and was unscented as you would expect from this brand.
My skin felt soft and conditioned in the morning and very importantly the cream didn't give me spots or blocked pores which some heavier night creams sometimes do (spots and wrinkles, mother nature you can be a harsh mistress sometimes)
I'm not sure I saw any massive improvement in my skin but neither did I see any new lines. As the branding suggests it didn't feel harsh and I think this would be particularly good if you have sensitive skin, are prone to oiliness but are starting to get a few lines as well. I'm not quite ready to ditch my Olay as I think I do need something slightly richer but for the price point its a great product and perfect if you are late twenties/early thirties and just starting to explore night creams in addition to your normal moisturiser.
Age Resisting Eyecream-Great for dark shadows
The second product I used was the Regeneration Age Resisting Eye Cream 
At £6.99 this is yet again very affordable and in these cash strapped times that's always welcome. The product claims to have active ingredients that repair and protect the delicate skin under your eyes and as a make up artist I know that the under eye area can be one of the first to show age. I have  a tendency to suffer from under eye shadows anyway and have a few fine lines (a lot less since I stopped smoking-take heed younglings) 
The consistency of this was more like a serum. its very light and definitely made the skin under my eyes feel a little firmer without feeling pulled. What really impressed me though was that it definitely helped with my dark shadows. Over the four weeks they have lessened and as that's my biggest problem area I was very happy. 
Yet again I haven't seem a big improvement with my fine lines but there are no new ones and the skin in general looks soft and moisturised so I'm very impressed. This is a great product and I think it really delivers.
Kind to eyes roll on-Like slices of cucumber in a tube
The final product I was sent was also my favourite the Kind to eyes Revitalising eye roll on is £4.99 and contains cucumber and vitamins to reduce puffiness and wake up tired eyes. 
For the last few weeks hayfever has been making my eyes feel tired, itchy and tight and this has been so lovely to use in the morning. I also keep it on my desk and use it in the afternoon when my eyes get tired after too much computer time. I do love lying with sliced cucumber on my eyes as I find it does really help keep puffiness down and this is a bit like that in a tube. I can't say its had any major age defying results but as a quick treat for tired eyes I'm loving it.
Overall I'm really impressed with this range, its super affordable, doesn't feel like I'm pumping my skin full of chemicals but gives good results. I admit I usually like my products to have more of a luxury feel to them and Ive probably never used much Simple stuff before because it looks a bit basic but as the Mighty Boosh once sang "its whats inside that counts" and each of these products has delivered.
* I never lie to you dear readers-I was sent the products for free but received no payment for my review
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