Monday, 24 June 2013

How To Eliminate Eye Bags And Dark Circles With Make Up

This has been a much requested tutorial. It seems I'm not the only one who suffers from under eye circles. I've always had them and can look rather hollow eyed if I get a bad nights sleep. There's of course lots if good practical stuff you can do to manage this ( drink water, sleep lots etc) but this tutorial is to show you how to cover up your panda eyes using make up trickery.Take a look:

And for those of you who can't watch clips here is the photo version:
Step One
Make sure your skin is moisturised and pop some Simple Regeneration eye cream under your eyes. Leave for a minute or so to soak in.

Pat Simple's Regeneration eye cream on

Step Two
Apply a medium coverage foundation all over your face

Brush on your foundation. Here I'm using Boujois 123 perfect in shade vanilla Clair. Use a make up brush and ensure you get even cover all over.

Step Three

Dot Estee Lauders Camoflague Doublewear  just under the eyes. Blend in with your foundation brush.

Estee Lauders Double wear-bringing out the concealer big guns

Step Four

Take benefits boi ing concealer ( best on the market I think) and pat it under your eyes along the socket line. Don't take it to right above the eye, you are now concentrating on the area where the actual shadow hits which tends to be along the socket Blend with your foundation brush.
Boi ing the most amazing concealer

Step Five

Add some light
Take a highlighter such as Benefits high beam and dot along where your circles are most prominent.
Do not use powder under your eyes. It will sit in the lines and dull the highlighter.
Voila! from baggy to wide eyed in just a few minutes. Doncha just love make up.

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