Thursday, 27 June 2013

Fat Chick In Floral BodyCon Dress Alert

I'm "doing" Bodycon-I like it

Of all the trends of the last year or so "Bodycon" has perhaps been the one I have been most wary of. 
Sure I wear dresses that are fairly fitted and fifties style "wiggle" dresses form a big part of my wardrobe  but Bodycon is a totally different beast.
Its never been that I don't think a woman of my size or shape should wear this style because dear readers as you know I am passionate in the belief that we should all wear whatever the hell we like, it's rather that being comfortable with my fatness isn't the same as wanting to look like a sausage in a skin  and I've always been slightly afraid that a bodycon dress would make me sizzle more like a Walls banger than a Hollywood siren.
Killer curves or sausage in a skin-maybe a curvy sausage?

A few months ago I went to look at the Littlewoods plus size fashion range "So Fabulous" and they very kindly sent me this floral bodycon dress

This was definitely a "Spanx" required outfit

It wasn't the best start into my foray into bodycon as the sizing for this frock is really small and I had to return the first one they sent me and go up a size  (so if you fancy buying this-size up is my tip) but undeterred I got the next size up and all was good in the world.
Some may think this is gods way of telling me that bodycon was not created for a body quite as bootilicous as mine. To this I say "bite me"
Fab dress but if like me all your weight is around your muddle you may need to size up

I'm a great lover of shapewear (its a fatty divider I know) and I have to say I couldn't have worn this outfit without industrial strength spanx on.
Its so fitted you could see my knicker line and I looked like a real egg on legs before I put on my trusty Bridget Jones pants. 

Beautiful vibrant colours and piping detail
Once I had put it all together though I actually really liked the finished look. The dress is beautifully made with a fab piping detail and the vibrant colours of the floral print are totally up my street.

Its got  a big zip at the back which goes to the top of the bum so has all the best features of a great bodycon dress and I felt very lovely in it indeed.
I did try wearing this without a cardigan but felt rather like a tablecloth and think the hot pink colour gives some definition to my waist which in this dress where there is no where to hide was gratefully received.
Ive teamed it with a lovely necklace by Bete Noire, an old jasper Conran for Debenhams bag and my pink bow jelly shoes.
Glamour girl
pastel pink shoes and bag finish off the outfit-so sweet it makes your teeth ache
To finish off this sugar sweet look Ive stuck a great big purple flower in your hair. You know my motto "more is more dahlinks!"

Have you tried Bodycon as style or is it simply too unforgiving?

For more outfit posts check out my curvy girl style page-fit to bursting with pictures of me prancing around shaking what my mama gave me.

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