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Babyliss Wave Envy Hair Styler Review: Creating The Great Gatsby Look

I absolutely love hair styling gadgets and was recently lucky enough to be sent  the new Babyliss Wave envy  to review.
I immediately thought it looked perfect for creating finger style waves for 1920's inspired hair so decided to put it through its paces at a twenties themed makeover party.
Clara Bows softer curls still work as a hairstyle today

Hair styles from the 1920's can be very unflattering (Eton crop anyone) so as a rule myself and Lilly always add slightly more wave and fullness than is perhaps historically accurate and tend to channel more of a soft Clara Bow look than the slapped down harshness of the Josephine Baker style kiss curls. After all vintage inspired glamour needs to make you feel amazing and be wearable.

Suddenly everyone has gone cuckoo for the roaring twenties

The release of the remade Great Gatsby film has only created more demand for this type of styling so being able to create quick deco inspired hair styles without having to use setting lotion and pin curling is great news indeed. 
Marcel waves are lovely but very fiddly 
So how did the wavers fare? actually very well indeed. They get really hot, really quickly (be sure to use the heat mat provided) which means the waves created stayed in without going limp.
The wavers work in much the same way as the old school crimpers did. You clamp sections of the hair working down and after about twenty seconds have beautiful rippled waves.
For the 1920's look I did find the ends of the hair had a tendency to look a little crimped so I used tongs to curls these under. If you were using these to create more of  a boho look you wouldn't need to do this but the twenties look is quite structured.
Our bride to be Kylie was keen to see if her long super straight hair could be waved

Working through the hair in sections

The effect is instant-these bad boys are very hot indeed

Betty and Lilly putting the wavers through their paces

Soft Marcel waved style hair in under five minutes

Because they are so hot they worked really effectively on both fine and thick hair and the speed with which you can wave a whole head of long hair was quite something.

Using the wavers just at the very ends of the hair gave the flapper styling a slightly more contemporary softer feel
Here we simply pinned the hair up at the back and waved the fringe

The wavers were great for adding fullness and texture to fine hair but didn't make it look dry or crispy. We didn't use any setting lotion, just simply sprayed it with hairspray once it was dressed.

A few soft waves at the back add fullness to fine hair

I love how choppy  this hair looks with just a tiny amount of wave and texture in it

Here all the hair is waved and then pinned up in soft rolls before adding a headdress

Overall I was really impressed  with the wavers. For a quick twenties inspired do or for soft boho style waves they are very effective.They do have that slight crimped look so if its full bouncy curls you are after these might not suit but for rippling waves they are great.They cost around £37 and can be purchased here

twenties inspired loveliness

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