Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Animal and Daisy Print Dress By Clements Ribeiro OOTD

Loving my animal and daisy print dress
2013 may well become known as the year I made friends with Evans
I haven't brought any clothes from the original plus size clothing store for many, many years and had all but written them off, then pow this season I now own four pieces all by the gorgeous Clements Riberio Swan range.
My winning caption 

I entered the Evans facebook caption competition a few weeks ago (you had to come up with a sassy sentence to match photos from their recent campaign) My caption under the picture of Bethany from the Arched Eyebrow blog wearing the lobster dress was one of the winners. 
This was great as the prize was a voucher for £100 to spend on the Clements Ribeiro range-result!

This  fabulous  Animal and Daisy print dress is the first thing I brought and cost £60. Straight away I adored the burnt orange colour and the vibrant design. its not for the faint hearted and clothes like this make me very happy indeed.
This print isn't for the faint hearted-but when it comes to clothes Im rock hard

I have to be honest  when it arrived I almost thought I had made  a mistake as it had no hanger appeal whatsoever. The shape looked very up and down and boy is it bright. Talk about a total turnaround once I had it on and had cinched in the waist with a belt I just loved it.
A belt, a beehive, Im ready to rumble
Its super glamorous in an almost Joan Collins 1980's stylee (this is a good thing in my world)  and is in a lovely silky fabric which hangs beautifully.
In these pictures I'm about to go out for an evening of burlesque with Lilly Von Pink so its perfect.

I feel super glam in this frock

Beehived hair with an orange hair flower and clashing pink lippy-I call this my "more is more" look

Ive backcombed my hair into a beehive and am debuting my brand new lipstick by Limecrime. This pink planet shade is just too full on for the daytime (its a very 1960's pale shade) but amazing for an evening going to see some tassel twirling.
Limecrimes Pink Planet lipstick-such a great summer shade
Evans you little minx's you have wooed me back

Ive accessorised this with my doll face bag by primark and my purple Hello Kitty crocs.
Purple Hello Kitty shoes finish the outfit off

I instagrammed a picture of me wearing this frock and Clements Ribeiro actually commented that I looked "amazing" that was my week absolutely made. yep, I'm fat, forty and cool designers think I rock their dresses. Awesome!!

getting the CR stamp of approval

Here I am with Lilly about to see the show.Just the usual "au naturale" look for both of us.

Hanging with my bestie
It was a great night and I felt wonderful in this dress.I can't wait to wear it again.
Just because you are plus size it doesn't mean you have to play it safe with clothes. Wearing head to toe black isn't going to miraculously make you look three dress sizes slimmer so why not enjoy bright colours, daring prints and quirky style. If you like it, wear it. Simple.

For more outfit posts check out my curvy girl style page-fit to bursting with pictures of me prancing around shaking what my mama gave me.

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