Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Vintage Pamperboxs Crazy Roadtrip

People often tell me how lucky I am to run the Vintage Pamperbox 
Most of the time I agree, its simply the best job in the world. Making women feel fab about themselves, being involved in creative themed workshops such as Horror Hotties and Heroes vs Villains. Its all rather marvellous indeed. 
We often travel all over the place for weddings or private hen parties, it goes with the territory but a few weeks ago we went on a journey which will be forever known as "Welshsgate" which now in the retelling is very, very funny but at the time was quite scary.

We kick started this particular day doing a charity event. A few times a year we like to give something back. We are all very blessed and if we can help out a good cause through the medium of make up and keep our good karma flowing then its all good baby.

Lilly working her magic

This particular charity is local to us and is the Wirral Deaf Children's Society. It supports parents of deaf children and is run by a lady Tamsin who has attended a few of our pamper days. 

heroes agogo

We decided these very hard working mums were already superheros so we should transform them into comic book characters. As a day off it was the perfect distraction for them and we had loads of fun. Here are some of the pictures.

We finished at the WDCS at around 3pm and had been booked for a private hen party in Wales near Betwsy-Coed. I had looked at the route and the Satnav seemed to have no problems finding it so myself, Lilly and Pookie-Rae packed up our kit, jumped into Fifi the Fiat and spent an enjoyable hour driving along scenic welsh roads. 
The last leg of the journey started to take a slightly more rural route than we would have preferred, we suddenly seemed to be driving higher and higher up increasingly perilous tracks. As the address of the hen party was "Mountain Lodge" we kept our nerve but suddenly realised we were in Snowdonia national park. 
Walkers were staring at us obviously wondering what three girls with victory rolls and false eyelashes were doing driving a tiny Fiat 500 up a mountain (we agreed) 
Pookie-Rae is hilarious in these kind of situations and regaled us with plots from films like cabin in the woods and just took great delight in convincing us that should we break down we would definitely be raped and pillaged by welsh mountain dwelling zombies.At one point after careering around a particularly scary bend she uttered the now legendary line "I think I just swallowed my womb"
Er is this the right way?

We had already started discussing turning back and trying to find a different route when after giving way to a rather rude driver who all but forced me off the track the car got stuck. This in itself was pretty stressful but the fact that down the side of the car was a sheer drop down into a forest made it terrifying.
OK so maybe it wasn't as dramatic as this but it certainly felt like it

Now what was really interesting was how we all coped with this situation. 
Lilly suddenly bacame Bear Grylls,jumping out the car, and saying stuff about traction and guiding me out.  I was more like the girl from the piano and became mute with fear and just wanted to leave the car in the forest and run away. Pookie-Rae who was convinced we were going to die and/or be molested by Welsh zombies spent much of this crisis shrieking with laughter whilst helping push the Fiat out of the ditch.
And push

Sadly we were all too freaked out and stressed to take pictures but the sight of Lilly and Pookie-Rae pushing the car out of a ditch in full 1950's finery was hilarious and something I will never forget.
Amazingly, not long after this we got the car back on the road. We found the cottage and had an amazing night. The hen party was to celebrate the lovely beths wedding to be and both her and her freinds and family were adorable. They plied us with soft drinks and cakes and were just gorgeous. On the way back we ditched the satnav and just stuck to main roads. The cherry on the top of the cake was that I also received a speeding ticket for driving at 35 miles in a 30 zone. Happy days.

This made it worth the journey

Thanks to Lilly and Pookie-Rae for making what could have been a hellish journey a total laugh. I'm actually very proud that after all that we still made twenty ladies look very glam indeed.

The Vintage Pamperbox is nominated for an award

The Vintage Pamperbox has been nominated for "Best Vintage Wedding event supplier" in the National vintage awards. I'm not sure if we will be shortlisted but I am so chuffed to be included. Me and Lilly have worked so hard at building up our little business it really is like my second child. If you think we deserve to win please cast your vote here it only takes a few minutes and would mean the world to me.

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