Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My Love/Hate relationship With Illamasqua make Up

Despite being something of a make up junkie I have never tried very much from the  Illamasqua brand.

Considering I absolutely love their tutorials,regularly drool over their facebook feed and adore the punk rock sensibility of founder Julian Kynaston  its crazy that until recently I’ve only owned one solitary eyeshadow palette.

So when myself and fellow blogger Elena from The Frivolous Mrs D blog found ourselves outside their flagship store near carnaby street it seemed rude not to go in and have a mooch.
In the lovely Illamasqua store

The store was absolutely beautiful and the staff really lovely. Elena was after a new foundation and they quickly colour matched her to an amazing product which offered great coverage and looked really dewy.
Elena having hjer make up done at Illamasqua
As I’m not looking for a major purchase at the moment I decided to explore a zingy blusher to take me into summer and of course I’m always on the lookout for new lipsticks.
Excite-I love this blusher

I fell in love with one of their powder blushers in shade Excite described as a “vivid apricot” this colour is just so beautiful on.
I love the healthy glow this blusher gives
Its incredibly pigmented so with only a few strokes you get such a strong colour which when buffed into the apples of your cheeks is like a healthy glow in make up form. At £18 its by far one of the most expensive blushers I own but I absolutely love it. The colour pay off is awesome, the packaging black, glossy and substantial looking and its basically one of those products that makes all the hype about big brand make up appear to be true.
Beautiful packaging, beautiful product

My second purchase was a matte lipstick in a bright pink shade called Immodest At £16 I nearly didn’t get this as its so similar to my favourite Lime Crime lipstick Fluorescent Countessa but once I caught sight of myself with a bubblegum coloured totally matte pout I couldn’t leave it behind.
How fantastic is this lip colour Immodest but the texture is just awful
There’s no nice way to say this so here goes. I absolutely hate this lipstick. 

As it’s totally matte I obviously expected that it wouldn’t be particularly moisiturising but I have lots of others very matte lipsticks and what they lack in juiciness that make up for in longevity. The sales assistant who sold it to me said the lipsticks don’t fade for ages and that her own lipstick (which looked very fresh) had been applied three hours ago. Sadly I just haven’t found this to be the case at all.
This is how crumbly it looks half an hour after application 
The lipstick texture is so dry it crumbles after about half an hour of wear leaving flakes of product on the lips especially at the corners of the mouth and inside the lips. There is nothing I hate more than “bitty” lipstick. Its just horrible.Despite being very matte this product fades really quickly and generally just doesn’t look very good.
This is such a shame as the shade is gorgeous but I’ve found that I can only achieve an acceptable finish by applying it with a lip brush and mixing it with lipbalm or Vaseline, which slightly negates the point of having a super matte lipstick.
At £16 this is such a disappointment. For a similar price point I could have brought a channel or LancĂ´me lipstick, which I know are amazing.
I’ve since done a bit of surfing to see what other beauty bloggers think of this lipstick and overall most of them say this lipstick is awesome so maybe I just brought a dud?
Needless to say I wont be buying any more lipsticks from Illamasqua anytime soon.
Will it stop me buying their eyeshadows and blushers? Not on your nelly, they absolutely rock but I’m afraid when it comes to lipstick I’ve been totally turned off.
Have you had good experiences with this brands lipsticks? Have I just been unlucky?

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  1. Thank you for daring to say this. Illamasqua has reached such cult status on our fair shores it's almost treason to say they're not fantastic at everything. Their eyeshadows are distinctly meh - they stain my lids, crease straight away even with primer and don't last long at all. I have an eyeshadow pigment which is much better though.

    I love their concealer and love the fact they do shades for uber ghostly people like me, but their foundation isn't great on me. I use Real Techniques brushes but even using them it sinks into my pores and makes my skin look awful. I love that they're cruelty free, but I'm not impressed on the whole and won't be buying anything else from them, at least not in the near future.

  2. Don't feel too bad about spending that much on a sub-standard lipstick, Illamasqua donate a lot of their profits to the Sophie Lancaster charity. You probably already know that so I do apologise for telling you something you are already aware of but I find that kind of thing combined with being cruelty free always takes the edge off any not so great product they sell.

    It is a shame this lipstick of theirs is of such low quality. That pink is a gorgeous colour on you. I do like Illamasqua but I wonder if they're a bit gimmicky? I haven't used their lip products but I found their face and body foundation to be very flaky no matter what moisturiser or primer I used. I even left it to settle into my skin for ages and it still flaked off during the application.

    Barry M's hot pink matte lipstick is my favourite!

  3. I finally found the purple lipstick if my dreams in there. But yes I agree the lipstick is too matt and I was really disappointed so I need to mix it with a not so purple topshop lipstick just to get it on evenly. I was saddened too :(


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