Tuesday, 7 May 2013

May Bank Holiday OOTD

the sun has got his hat on!

Today was what can only be described as a miracle. It was 
a) sunny 
b) a bank holiday 
C) My day off

Last seasons Asos Curve is just the ticket for  bank holiday fair

Not sure why I'm holding an oversize lollipop, my daughter thought it "looked cool"
These things never happen at the same time so I am taking full advantage. There is a May fair in the big park round the corner from mine so I'm going there first and  am then going to have a barbecue in the garden. I'm so excited I'm giddy.
This wicker satchel always looks so good when the sun shines

As Its so warm I've dug out this dress which I've brought from Asos Curve last year for my holiday in Florida. I absolutely love the print but have always been a bit unsure about the length as I don't really like showing my legs above the knee, however part of this blogging self acceptance journey is to say "sod it" and ditch the footless tights on a hot day and get my big beefy legs out in the sun.
yes its above the knee, no I don't care
I've chucked on a cardigan by new look and teamed it with a fab wicker bag I brought from Primark last year.I've worn a bright purple vest under the dress as its rather plunging and don't really want to be flashing the Morris dancers in Ashton park.
New Look cardigan and a purple vest underneath as the neckline on this dress is rather low

As I've just spent the last week having to be full bells and whistles on the glam front I've just washed my hair and pinned it up, I call this hairstyle "Carol from Eastenders" .My Tiki Queen necklace is by Bette Noir

My daughter thinks its hysterical when I get daddy to take photos in the garden so has decided she is getting in on the act and has even declared she may set up her own blog-lordy, lordy.Here she is with her version of a daily outfit post.
OMG Baba is getting in on the act.

I hope you have had a fab bank holiday. Bye from Pamper Towers!

For more outfit posts check out my curvy girl style page-fit to bursting with pictures of me prancing around shaking what my mama gave me.

The Vintage Pamperbox is nominated for an award

The Vintage Pamperbox has been nominated for "Best Vintage Wedding event supplier" in the National vintage awards. I'm not sure if we will be shortlisted but I am so chuffed to be included. Me and Lilly have worked so hard at building up our little business it really is like my second child. If you think we deserve to win please cast your vote here it only takes a few minutes and would mean the world to me.

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