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Vintage Cosmetic Company: Lashes, Brushes And Lots Of Glamour

Bags of vintage style

Last week I was very excited to attend  a press event for the Vintage Cosmetic company 
I first tried out  their eyelashes last year when I reviewed their Connie lashes. Straight away I adored their packaging and 1950's inspired styling and the fact that the lashes were called names like Betty, Kitty and Connie didn't hurt either. The lashes were fab (and at £6 very affordable) and overall they got a big thumbs up from Team Vintage Pamperbox
From tiny beautifully packaged acorns grow trees and the Vintage Cosmetic company is now to be stocked in larger Boots stores which is great news as my one gripe when I first reviewed their lashes was lack of availability. 

Super cute pedicure kits

As well as lashes, lash curlers and tweezers they have now branched out into pedicure kits and most excitingly for the make up artist in me, make up brushes!
A great range of sizes for the first brush rollout

The brush range launched a little while back and for whatever reason I hadn't tried them out so my raison d' etra at the event was to give them a good fondle and check out the sizes and brush quality.
Straight away I was really pleased to see a really good range of brush shapes and sizes. I've been really frustrated recently by brands bringing out amazing brushes only for them not to stock my favourite sizes (Yes Real Techniques I am looking at you)

As well as foundation, blusher, powder and bronzing brushes they also have a great shadow brush, angled shadowed brush and best of all a precision shadow brush.
As a make up artist this is one of my favourite brush sizes, perfect for getting into eyelid creases and the accurate application of shadow. My usual go to brush for this size the Mac 219 pencil brush and I'm amazed how similar the Vintage Cosmetic companies precision shadow brush is to this. 

The Vintage Cosmetic Company's Precision shadow brush-look how similar it is to the Mac 219

Its slightly less pointy but the shape and thickness is exactly the same, The brush quality is lovely, very soft but with enough firmness that it holds the eyeshadow. The big difference is that the Mac 219 costs £19 whilst this brush costs £7 

How pretty is this brush roll

In fact the whole brush collection is very reasonably priced with a concealer brush starting at £7 and shadow brushes all at the £8 even the foundation brush is only £14 and the quality is fantastic. I adore the pink handles and the brush rolls are also adorable in pink satin.Its ultra girly and very glamorous.

The retractable lip brush

Perfect for when you want to stick it in your make up bag

As well as being given a precision brush to try I was also given a retractable lipbrush to try. This brush very cleverly comes apart so you can shorten it if you want to chuck it in your make up bag but add the longer handle for precision work, yet again at £7 it feels like a really well made quality brush.

Loving the art deco style chairs in this beautiful little cinema

The event itself was very lovely indeed. held at the Sanctum Soho Hotel in London's trendy Warwick street it was in the hotels cinema room which is very beautiful. Little cakes and drinks were offered and Doris Day movies played on the screen so it was a fabulous few hours.
Some Doris Day to watch along with our goodie bags
How lovely is this light fitting

Clare Collard the founder of the Vintage Cosmetics company is very inspiring and spent loads of time going through the range, asking my opinion on everything and really listening to my feedback. She started off the line with just five different types of lashes and a love of vintage styling. She has designed and created every element in the collection and you can see its an absolute labour of love.
Frivolous Mrs D, Clare Collard and me
Hanging with the luscious blogger babe Mrs D

I attended the event with my very lovely friend Elena who writes the blog The Frivolous Mrs D and we had great fun having sets of lashes applied. I went for a set of Kitty's which are describe as "Glamour Puss" lashes (you know me I love a good flutter. Elena went for the Betty which with their sweeped outer corner look amazing with french flicked liquid eyeliner.
Me with the Kitty's
This is how they looked

We even manged a bit of celebrity ligging as the model Sophie Anderton came along. She was very lovely and as you would imagine quite stunning to look at. She had a pair of Connie lashes applied before wafting away for a no doubt glamorous lunch.
Sophie Anderton having her "Connies" applied

All thoughts of being photogenic go out the window when you stand next to a model
Overall it was an amazing experience and I'm so excited to try out more of the Vintage Cosmetic companies brushes. Don't you just love it when style is matched by substance.
You can see the whole Vintage Cosmetic Company range here

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The Vintage Pamperbox is nominated for an award

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