Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Betty Pamper Needs Your Help

We need your help
Regular readers of this blog will have seen at the bottom of each post recently Ive been promoting the fact that my company the Vintage pamperbox has been nominated in the National Vintage Awards which takes place in June.
There are always lots of different blogging awards and a fair few business accolades (god knows Ive entered a few) but this award is a different kettle of fish.For once I think my business is the perfect fit and I actually think we deserve to win.I'm hoping after reading this and soaking up some of the lovely images we have created you will not only agree but also vote.


Ring ring-we need your votes!

I founded the Vintage pamperbox nearly four years ago with my best friend Lilly. What started off as one off event which we were convinced no one would come to and which i ever the pessimist was ready to cancel a few weeks before (It totally sold out, I needn't have worried) has flourished into a bona fida business which we are so proud of.
Teaching at our first Vintage Pamperbox

When we started we only offered 1950's inspired make over sessions (just because it was our favourite) with my husband who is a professional photographer taking pictures of the whole thing as a bit of a favour to us. 
Over time we have added different eras (the twenties and eighties are very popular) lots of different workshops to compliment the glamour (crafts, baking, jive dancing, the Charleston) and over the last year we have started doing more creative events with  a lot of emphasis on amazing make up.
hen Party Fun

A burlesque class at one of our events

To this end we have held Horror Hottie days where girls have been transformed into pin up zombies, sexy vampires and creepy clowns
Getting my Sugarskull on


Kitsch Christmas events

 and most recently we launched our heroes vs Villains events which saw us painting ladies blue to become X men characters, painstakingly drawing question marks onto eyelids to create Riddler themed eyemake up and face painting bullseyes onto foreheads.

Queen Mabb from a recent heroes vs villains event

Team pamperbox doing our Superhero thang
The Riddler

The Vintage pamperbox isn't just our living its our total passion. We love the opportunity it gives us to spend time with groups of super cool women, all gathered together with a very simple mission statement-glamour, escapism and fun.
Beautiful brides our speciality

As well as the parties we have also built up a successful wedding make up reputation and have been so lucky to help make many a bride look amazing on her wedding day. We also work regularly on photoshoots, corporate events and adverts for clients including Sony playstation, Unilever,Vintage Life magazine,  and The Burlesque Bible.
Offering pampering at a Unilever corporate bash
Session for Vivi Vicory for Vintage Life magazine
One of our 1920's images which featured in the Burlesque Bible

Help rocket us to the Vintage Awards Final

A recent photoshoot for Tea with Tom

Not bad for two chicks who were looking for a way to earn a crust whilst getting to grips with being first time mums.
So if you have a minute and think we deserve to win, please vote here it only takes a moment, doesn't cost a thing and myself and Lilly will blow each and every one of you a big jammy kiss.Mmmawah. We have even filmed a groveling message.

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