Thursday, 25 April 2013

Who Decides What Is Plus Size?

Yesterday an article published by Huffington post pinged into my inbox. The headline read 

"Alice Jackson, former anorexic becomes plus size lingerie model, hopes to inspire others"
Ive included the link to the story. its all upbeat heartwarming fare. 
Alice has been on a tough road with her eating disorder and having overcome the illness now feels body confident enough to enter into a modelling competition run by lingerie company Curvy Kate.Here's a picture.
The lovely Alice Jackson

So far so good right? 
Well yes and no because Alice isn't in my view "plus size" she looks to be a size 12 at the most and has an absolutely amazing body. Her figure is reminiscent of Cindy Crawford's who was the supermodel de jour when I was growing up, so is this now considered bigger than the norm? how did we get here?
Now I don't want to just be argumentative for the sake of it. I fully comprehend that the definition for plus size being used in this article is the yard stick used by the modelling industry, where any girl over a size 12 will automatically be considered plus size or lingerie. I get that, so I suppose my question is do we want the modelling industry slowly redefining how we view women's weight and health? I don't consider them a particularly safe pair of hands, do you?

When did this become plus size?

I must make it clear that this is in now way an attack on Alice Jackson. I think she looks absolutely scrumptious and I'm so pleased for her, its the bigger picture (no pun intended) that bothering me.
If we start to call every woman over a size 12 "plus size" then what am I "supersize" should I come with fries and a drink?
If Alice is plus size what am I? Plus, Plus, Plus into infinity size?

I would love to see this article rewritten without any mention of the world "plus size" 
Alice has reached the final of the Curvy Kate competition because she has a great figure. The fact that she is healthy enough to be doing this after struggling with an eating disorder is commendable.Hanging the "plus size label on her is simply ludicrous and I refuse to bow down to the argument that its to do with dress sample sizes, not a true reflection of everyday women. 
You can't compartmentalise media coverage in this way. For every reader sophisticated enough to realise that of course this woman isn't plus size there will be many more who take a look at themselves and decide they are obviously bigger than the "norm" and need to take drastic action.
I think its apparent for all to see that I have no problem with the term plus size. I use it to describe myself. I'm a size 18 "Plus size" "curvy" "fat" call it what you will I am totally at ease with these labels but don't start telling me that a size 12 hottie with a Victoria secretsesque body is overweight as I will properly hulk out and you don't want to see me when I'm angry.
The medias perception of what constitutes fat is becoming increasingly scary. Sure call a spade a spade, I'm fat, if a caption under a picture of me read "Plus Size" I wouldn't give a ding dong but to describe this chick as plus size is batshit crazy.Also given that she is a recovering anorexic really crass.
What do you think? Is it acceptable to use this term for a size 12 girl. Should the fashion industry's obsession with sample sizes inform how we describe ourselves?

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