Monday, 15 April 2013

The Big Fat False Eyelash Review

Lashed again

I am rarely without a pair of false eyelashes. Even though my own lashes are quite long I just love how glam falsies make me feel. Subsequently I get through many, many pairs and am aways trying out new brands. Recently Ive tried a few real bargain basement lashes so thought I would do a review of each. I never use the glue you get in false eyelashes as I think its pants so all of these have been used with Duo

Star Lashes-£1.49 for two pairs at Home and Bargain

I was recommended these by another make up artist and they are absolutely brilliant. The lash length and thickness is quite natural looking and they are nice and flexible so no "pinging" off at the ends. If you just want a set of lashes to slightly enhance your eyes without looking too fake then these are a great buy. Such good value too.

Primark Very Fluttering Lashes £1 for one set

As much as I love the Star lashes they aren't really long enough for my tastes. I prefer what Lilly Von Pink refers to as "Cadburys bunny" lashes and these cheap as chips lashes from Primarni are just the ticket. As with most inexpensive lashes I did need to break the rigid spine of the lash line over the end of my make up brush to make them slightly more bendy. Once applied these actually looked pretty good. I did find they curled up a bit at the inner corners after a few hours which is always a dead giveaway with bargain falsies. I still think these performed amazingly well for a quid though!

Aldi Lacura Lashes £1.99 for one set

When I first spied Aldis eyelash collection I became quite excited as they have a few styles and looked to be of a nice feathery quality.Sadly these just don't feel comfortable on and pinged off even with quite a generous application of glue. They also ridged along the lash line so were very obviously fake and made your eyeliner look wobbly.Im quite a fan of lacura make up but these are  disappointing. I thought I was onto a winner but wouldn't buy again.

Ardell 120 Lahes £4.99 for one set 
Ardell have become my favourite lashes of the moment. replacing Cheryl from Girls aloud ones (sorry Chezza) these look long, luxuriant and are so comfortable I genuinely forget Ive got them on. 
I pop these on at 7am and take them off at 11pm with not a thought. They are mid priced for lashes but worth very penny. With a little care and cleaning you get at least a few weeks out of each set. These are now a staple of my professional make up kit as well. Amazaballs as ver kids say.

Revlon Beyond Natural Double wink lashes £4.00

I was so excited when I brought these lashes. They look a lot like Superdrugs own brand double lashes which I adore. There is no picture of me wearing these as I absolutely hated them with a passion and had ripped them off and binned them after about twenty minuites of applying. Uncomfortable, heavy, pingy. Nightmare. I could write more but think I may come across as slightly unbalanced.Revlon, get on the naughty step.

So these are my latest lash finds. Which ones do you swear by?

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