Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My April Faves

Today the sun is shining and all I want to do is talk about the less serious stuff in life.
Here is a little catch up of all the things putting a smile on my dial over the last few months in the world of make up, accessories and wet wipes (yes you read that correctly)

Boujois Blusher in Rose Frisson £7.99
Ive long been a fan of Boujois make up. There has always been a rumour that its made in the same factory as Chanel (not sure if this is true, if you know please add in the comments) but certainly its always felt like a fairly luxurious brand for not huge prices (this is £7.99) its officially spring so I'm all about looking healthy and rosy and this soft rose blush is just gorgeous. Its making me look dewy and youthful even when in actual fact I'm a caffeine riding old hag.

Bourjois blusher turning sallow faced hags into rosy cheeked maidens and for under £8

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation £10.99
Staying with all things Bourjois Ive also been loving this new foundation by them called 123 Perfect. Its claims to combine different pigments (green, yellow and purple) to help ensure you look as wide eyed and fresh as a teenager (well I may have made that last part up) Its actually very good indeed. Glides on well. Medium coverage and I definitely look healthier since I started using it. Its a great price point as well. 

123 Perfect

Not the most exciting of things to review I admit but in my endless quest for eternal youth (the picture in the attic is looking very scary) I thought I would try this face wash. It smells gorgeous and my skin is definitely feeling softer. Do the anti ageing properties work? well I don't look any older since I started using it so who knows.I also bathe in ass's milk so it could be that.

I love Hello Kitty, always have, always will.I use a lot of face wipes both for work and as a mama bear so when I saw these in the 99p store I had to get them. They smell of strawberry and are perfectly good as wet wipes. Its all about the packaging here though I'm quite happy to admit.

Umberto Giannini Shampoo and Conditioner £5.60 a bottle
I received these rather phallic looking hair products as part of a gift set for my birthday back in January. Regular readers of this blog will know I am cursed with rather disappointing hair, no thickness, no body. This shampoo and conditioner combo is the nuts. It leaves my hair perky rather than a flat stringy nightmare so am feeling deep love for Mr Giannini and his shampoo vibrators of love.

Look like something from an Ann Summer party, actually leave your hair looking rather  lovely

Very Hollywood perfume by Micheal Kors £17
This was a rather fabulous gift from my mum (who has the best taste) first of all lets talk about the bottle. Cut glass, vaguely deco in flavour and filled with pink scent. it looks amazing on my dressing table. I feel rather Joan Crawford (pre beating her children with wire coat hangers naturally) when I use this. The scent is fabulous too,a mixture of floral and citrus.Yum

Perfume that demands you wear a feather trimmed dressing gown
 Aldi Love Letters From Paris Perfume £5.00
My other fave perfume recently has been this little beauty from Aldi. There was a big buzz about this ages ago as it smells so lovely and is a fiver. I picked it up with my food shopping a few weeks ago and love it. Very light, girly (more than a hint of Chanel Coco about it) a perfect daytime perfume.Looks and smells expensive but is actually very cheep. I have also been described thus.

Inexpensive and Delicious
 Real techniques Core Collection Make Up brushes £14.99
I could gush about the Real Techniques brushes forever. Created by the girls behind Pixie Woo they are a make up artists dream. Soft fluffy bristles which dry quickly when you wash them, lightweight swanky handles and a bargainalicous price tag of just £14.99 per set. I already own the eye make up brush set and this is called the Core collection so contains a foundation brush, contouring brush, detailing brush and small powder brush. The foundation brush is the absolute bomb. No streaking and with a fine precision tip for getting into all your nooks and crannies. You can buy these online from Amazon and the Real Techniques website but they are also available in Boots now as well.
Brushes of wonder

I am a huge fan of Limecrimes lipsticks and when I saw that they had brought out a rather glittertastic Unicorn pendent I did slightly flip. This was a Mothers day gift (wow my six year old is good) and I love it. Its shaped a little like a tin and is quite 1970's medallion in flavour. Unicorns, glitter, purple, whats not to love.

Ive also done a vlog review of all these products so if you would like to see me discussing all these goodies,here I am.

Having trouble viewing this embeded clip-watch here on Youtube

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