Sunday, 14 April 2013

Lazy Sunday OOTD

I'm calling this look  trailer park queen
I never find dressing up a chore. My default style is quite high maintenance and I would never be caught dead in jogging pants or a onesie unless I was in a gym or in bed. 
That said even I like to be slightly more casual on my days off especially after  a long week of performing make up duties at photoshoots, hen parties and weddings. 
The biggest problem I have is that I  don't really own very much casual wear aside from a few band tee shirts and of course my own Killer Curves tee
I decided to remedy this by getting a few long tee shirts which I could throw on over leggings for duvet days and sundays.
Love the longer length of this tee

Yours clothing do a great range (up to a size 32 as well which is fab news)  and they have quite a few which are a cross between a dress and a tee shirt which is my preferred style. I really detest tee shirts that sit on my waist/tummy. They always ride up and irritate me.

Hot pink tee matches my lipstick-these things make me happy

This hot pink ruched hem pink studded teeshirt was only £16 and I fell in love with both the colour (which matches my go to lipstick colour) and the heart design as soon as I saw it.
Casual yes, but casual wearing false eyelashes

I also like that it has lace applique on it and a row of small studs. Its a tee shirt, sure but I still feel glamorous in it and that's really important to me, I don't mind being fat or short but plain-now that's a safe limit I'm afraid.
My hair is a bit tatty looking and Ive added a lot of black eyeliner, its a trailer park trampy vibe, sort of Kat from Eastenders meets Kat Von D.
For years I avoided tee shirts as they cling to my fat belly and are far from slimming but Ive actually come to love my egg on legs figure and if it offends anyone else they can kiss my big fat ass.
I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty
Ive thrown it on over a pair of black leggings with an old black hoodie which is from my days of working for the Sony film crew. Its huge and very cosy and when the hoods up I feel like a make up Ninja.
Hearts and stud detailing makes this tee anything but plain
I'm taking my glamorous teeshirt out for a laid back lunch with the brown eyed crew. I am wearing a full face of make up but I don't actually answer the door without checking my lipstick so an outside excursion sans slap is never going to happen. My entire face (including false lashes)  and hair takes me exactly twelve minutes so its never a big slice out of my day anyway.
This hair and make up has a slightly "walk of shame feel about it " as if Ive slept in it-I  like it

Whats your version of casual? Are you able to pull off a Juicy tracksuit without looking like Wynetta slob or like me do you struggle with dress down days too?

Whatever you are wearing I hope you are all having a great weekend. 

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  1. I can't do dressed down without feeling hideous! Today is a hideous day. I'm wearing a blue long sleeve t-shirt dress which is covered in Batman logos. I opted for comfort. . . Yet am not overly comfortable with how I look in it. . . Cocktail dresses all the way! X

  2. That is a really amazing colour on you. I love it.
    I live in the countryside and since I moved here find myself wearing joggers and really casual stuff more than I would like. I really must make more of an effort!

  3. I have struggled with casual before too, but recently I've started paying more attention to my casual wardrobe because sometimes you just don't want to get dressed up. This colour really suits you. Xx

  4. Looking fab as always Betty :) I can't leave the house without doing my makeup either, I know you're a MUA but how you do it all in 12 minutes amazes me ;) Takes me ages to get my eyeliner flicks even haha!! I prefer to dress casually (not so much joggers, more band tees/tops, with cardi's, jeans and converse) but I always make sure I have my nails painted, my hair done and face on lol, and some coordinating jewellery. You'll be suprised how much it can make a casual outfit look and feel smarter :)

  5. Betty is the hottest thing on the internet.

  6. Being a stay at home mum to a 2 year old, I find I live in casual wear, usually leggings and long tops. I'd love to get more dressed up but dont really get the chance :(


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