Monday, 8 April 2013

Hanging out with the beautiful Italians: Weekend make up faves

Bella. bella!
Recently the Vintage Pamperbox held a rather international pamper/pin up party.
Five absolutely gorgeous Italian girls booked us for an afternoon of 1950's inspired hair,make up and photography.Liverpool didn't know what had hit it!
I had met one of the girls Fran before as she booked me to do her make up for her Christmas party in December.

The gorgeous Fran
 She enjoyed it so much she decided her sisters and friends deserved to be made to feel like a silver screen goddess as well, so they travelled from London, Milan and Paris armed with suitcases full of clothes and yes they fulfilled every glamorous  Italian stereotype.
How fantastic is this geometric print dress
They were all drop dead gorgeous, fluent in various languages and oozed the kind of chic that only the country that created the likes of Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci delivers. I adored them,
Fluent in loveliness
They were such a great bunch, drinking rum to stay warm (it was the last really freezing weekend in March) scattering armfuls of vintage clothes everywhere and just revelling in the whole process.

Classic Italian beauty
Me and Lilly were like kids in a candy shop, they were all so beautiful it was ridiculous and yes I did feel like a boiled English potato next to them but oh what a total joy they were to apply our hair and make up skills on.
me and Lilly trying to hold our own next to the stunning Italians
As is so often the case they were not only total babes but fantastic company too and our time together passed in a flash of hairspray, powder and liquid eyeliner. 
How awesome is this pixie hair cut
They left after a few hours, dashing to catch trains, planes and taxis home. What a great day with an unforgettable group of Italian beauties.
Ciao e buona fortuna

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