Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Crazy Cat Lady OOTD


Feeling comfortable in your own skin and not being afraid of what anyone else thinks about your outfit choices is such a good place to be. I never censor what I wear because it isn't "flattering" "age appropriate"  or god forbid "tasteful"
Which brings me neatly to today's outfit of choice.

If this is a fashion breakdown-I think I like it

 I'm not sure what drew me to this gold and black leopard print tee shirt from Yours Clothing I'm not one for tee shirts with bling on and can honestly say I don't own anything else with an animal design on (lots of animal print yes sirree but no teddy bear jumpers or owl leggings) so maybe I'm having a fashion breakdown-I don't think so, but who knows.

Ive got a wild animal pawing me-just another night in with the husband then

I love fashion and clothes too much to never try out anything new. Its important to step outside your comfort zone and loads of fun too.Whilst my go to style will always be a 1950's inspired frock I never want to look like a caricature of my own self, Stuck in a rut or only wearing one sort of outfit.

Dorian from Birds of  a feather is alive and well and living in West Kirby

I adore the way the leopard is reclined along your body when you wear this top  and also the slight whiff of Dorian from Birds of a feather chic.
It features what Yours clothing call a "Godet" back which means its panelled and slightly nipped in. I have to say I'm giving Yours Clothing huge brownie points this season. The shape and long length of their tee shirts are fantastic for my "egg on legs silhouette and have made me open my wardrobe to the world of the posh teeshirt in a big way. This one is £16 by the way and goes up to a size 32
With my bright pink lipstick, big hair and leopard print bag I feel slightly "Housewives of Orange county gone bad" and when I say bad, I mean good. 

Brownie points for Yours Clothing-loving your tees this year

Ive worn it with some leggings from Asda and a pair of ballet pumps. My cardigan is by Collectif.
Ive become crazy cat lady

I did realise after I brought this that its exactly the same kind of thing my mother would buy so its true folks we do all become our mothers but in this case, that's fine.Nothing finishes off an outfit better than a pair of cat ears I'm sure you will agree. This rather fine pair are from Topshop I think.
Never apologise, never compromise. Fashion is for all.Big, small, fat thin and everything else inbetween.
For more outfit posts check out my curvy girl style page-fit to bursting with pictures of me prancing around shaking what my mama gave me.

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