Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bye bye Betty Bee, hello Betty Pamper!

Rolling with the punches
Some of the more keen eyed amongst you may have noticed that over the last few months I have been referring to myself as Betty Pamper rather than Betty Bee. 
I had hoped to just make a change without comment but recent events have made me realise I need to publicly declare that I will no longer be known professionally as Betty Bee but will instead be Betty Pamper.
The short version of the story is that another author has trademarked the name Betty Bee for a children's book character and I can no longer use it.
It would serve absolutely no purpose for me to rail at the unfairness of things (I did take some legal advice as this was flagged a while ago) so instead am seeing  it as an opportunity to rebrand, regroup and become a brighter better Betty!
I haven't felt this positive about the name change from the start and have cried many tears over this but I am genuinely excited at this new chapter. Also keeping things in perspective, I'm not famous so no one really gives a ding dang anyway, its important to keep things real.

I'm like Geri Halliwell burying Ginger Spice in the "Look at me" video (ok maybe not the best example but you know what I mean)

Like Marathon becoming Snickers, I will still be the same just with a different surname.
Same Betty-Different surname

So spread the word, Betty Bee the plus size hottie is dead, long live Betty Pamper. As one of my lovely twitter freinds said today
"They can take your name but they can never take your FABULOUSNESS!"

They can take away my Bee but they will never take my sass

If you would all help me by ensuring any recent blog posts you may have written about me refer to me as Betty Pamper that would be fantastic. Onwards and onwards my lovely freinds.

(I even need a new signature designing-wah)

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