Saturday, 23 March 2013

I get invited to a 5 way: London Lincoln Maxi Dress Review

Taking the plunge
Well that got your attention! Get your minds out the gutter.
Last week I was invited by the lovely team at Simply be to take part in a 5 way blogger challenge. 
Myself and four other plus size blogger lovelies were tasked with reviewing the London Lincoln maxi dress from the new Project D/London range. 
For those of you who aren't familiar with the brand its the brain child of Dannii Minogue and her friend Tabitha Somerset Webb and this is a capsule range designed exclusively for Simply be and encouragingly goes up to a size 32 (if I see one more "special" collection that only goes up to a size 20 for a plus size brand I might scream)
I'm usually more than a little suspicious of celebrity clothing ranges but for some unknown reason a while ago I watched a documentary about Dani and Tabitha launching this label and they are the real deal and really do design everything themselves and certainly the pictures of the clothes looked promising.
This dress scared me at first
Now let me put this out there right now, when Jessica from Simply be suggested we all review this frock it frightened the bejesus out of me.
I'm a short round pudding (with very big hair and eyelashes but a pudding nevertheless) and until now the maxi dress has been no friend of mine.
I did hesitate and consider asking to review one of the other dresses in the range which were more "me" but actually thought it would be fun to try a different style and I'm always banging on about how you should never assume something doesn't suit you until you have tried it on so decided to take my own advice and give it a whirl.
Well I'll be darned, its actually very flattering
At £140 this is one pricey little number but right off the bat I thought it looked beautifully made and finished. When I tried it on I couldn't believe how much I loved it.Quite how a column dress can be flattering on a chick with my proportions I don't know but somehow this is.

This shouldnt work on me but it does!

With its plunging neckline and Grecian style straps it feel vaguely reminiscent of something Liz Taylor would have worn in San Tropez with Richard Burton in the 70's. its all about the cleavage but doesn't look slutty, its looks very elegant, I want to put on a Demis Russos record and reinact Abigails party (in my world this is very good thing)
Perching on a chair in winter-this blogging lark is so glam

"do you like a little bit of Demis Roussos?

The floral print is really pretty and would lend it self nicely to an evening event, wedding or summer garden party, it definitely has more than a whiff of occasion dress about it. Saying that I could imagine myself wearing this on holiday quite happily with a pair of pretty flip flops and a flower behind my ear.
Lots of black eyeliner-Im doing my best Liz Taylor the bloat years impression

I fear my freezing cold garden isnt the right backdrop for such a lovely dress, it deserves a sunny beach or elegent party but hopefully you get the idea.
Check our the other lovely ladies taking part in this challenge and see how they have worn this dress.

What do you think are you tempted by Dannis designs?

Never let your size or shape stop you from loving fashion and enjoying clothes to the max. If you "own" your style and stop feeling apologetic because you are plus size the world of clothes really starts to open up and its a wonderful thing.So get some sass to go with your fat ass!

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