Sunday, 31 March 2013

Geek Chic

Attack of the Geek
I think in recent times its become quite acceptable to refer to yourself as a"Geek" 
Shows like like the Big bang Theory and the slow realisation that the geeks have sort of taken over the world (Mark Zukerberg and Bill Gates yes I am looking at you) have rehabilitated a word which I have had hurled at me many a time in a less than admiring way (I quote Starwars, I love anything with vampires in, I gently stalk Morrissey, none of these made for easy formative years) So when I saw this jumper by Yours Clothing I decided I had to have it.
The perfect slob out jumper

Its a bit of a bargain at £24 and perfect for those days when you don't want to look too "try hard"


Which makes it perfect for today. Its good Friday, I'm hosting a kids craft afternoon for Baba and her posse and after attending a blogger event the day before where I was glammed up to the max I just want to slob (well my version of slob anyway)
A Geek yes, but a glamorous one
Geeks of the world unite

Ive teamed this rather fabulous jumper with a black tube skirt from Topshop, black Matalan leggings and brothel creepers.
I did buy my true size in this and on reflection I wish I had sized up a bit as I would have preferred it to be baggier as its quite short in the body so worth remembering if you like the oversized look.
A spotty headscarf finished my geekathon

I hope you all managed to have a relaxing Easter break. Let me know if you fancy displaying your pride at being a "Geek" on your sweater.
Loving clothes and being a cool cat are not just the preserve of the youthful and beautiful, fat middle aged ladies like me can still rock it and so can you. Don't buy into some silly preconceived idea of what it is to be attractive. make the very best of what you have got, look the world in the eye and say "hey you, yes you I'm talking to you. Look at how fan fucking tastic I look"

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