Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Easter has arrived at Betty Towers

My little girl has broken up from school for the Easter holidays which can only mean one thing-time for my annual Easter display.
Regular readers of this blog will know I love doing seasonal decorations, the sillier the better and this year is no different.
Its nearly Easter!

I always use a similar template, jugs of flowers, Bell jars filled with Easter themed goodies and Morrissey is always invited (in doll form at least, strangely the real Mozza wont take my calls)

A chorus line of chicks

Mozza hanging with some chicks

I have a basket of decorations which Ive built up over the years but always like to add a few new pieces.
This year Ive been loving the Dotcomgiftshops Easter range. Their stuff has exactly the right mix of quirkiness and nostalgia I crave and its all really affordable too.

well it wouldn't be Easter without a bunny
I brought this little rabbit light from them last year and its looks perfect as part of my Easter table (I think they still have these-they are only a fiver)
I always have an Easter tree to hang colour eggs or decorations from. This year is no different and I'm using some fab vintage postcard decorations 

Every year I visit my Mother in law and she very kindly allows me to ransack her garden so I have the right kind of branches for this. Ive also added some freesias as well. I had wanted daffodils but literally grabbed these as a last minute thing from the supermarket where strangely no daffs could be found.
How cute are these chick candles

Jesus was a glam rocker

I hope you all get to have one or two days off next weekend, eat lots of chocolate and celebrate new beginnings. I'm hoping spring arrives as our annual Easter egg hunt will be slightly chilly if we are digging through snow!
If you are feeling crafty check out my how to guides for making leopard print egg decorations or my egg candles both very easy and great projects to do if you are stuck indoors with bored children.
Baba wishes you a very happy Easter

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