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Betty Goes To Bravissimo Boob School

Betty Boob-I might only answer to this name forever
Its not every day you receive an email inviting you to attend "Boob school" and when lingerie company Bravissimo invited me to such an event at their flagship store in London I couldn't resist.
Bravissimo is about to have its 100th birthday and to celebrate this fact have been conducting research about the most common faux pars committed by women when it comes to choosing a bra.
Ready for Boob school!
I arrived at Bravissimo HQ along with the lovely Elena from The frivolous Mrs D blog and straight away loved the whole "back to school" vibe of the event.
Along the walls were chalk boards with examples of the seven most common bra "fails" they had discovered after speaking to over a thousand women and we had great fun working out which ones we were. The categories were

  • The Side Boob (wires in the cup sitting on your boob rather than your ribcage) 41%
  • The High Rider (the back of the bra riding up) 39%
  • The Quadraboob (bust spilling over the top of the cup, giving the impression of four boobs)36%

  • The Big Stand Off (the front of the bra doesn’t sit flat on the sternum) 28%

  • The Super Drooper (not enough support, saggy boobs) 26%

  • Saggy Cups (too much fabric creating wrinkly cups) 24%
  • The Ledge (over uplift, transforming your boobs into something that resembles a ledge) 12%

The whole event had been so well thought about. Our goody bags were in pink school satchels and there were tiny cakes each with one of the seven boob faux pars iced on them.
Yummy cakes with boobies on

Boob cakes

Our Goody Bags

After chatting to the Bravissimo team for a while it was time for class and we shown some hilarious examples of when "bras goes bad" as well as some great before and after examples showing pictures of ordinary women who were transformed all by the love of a good bra.
Now this is what I call a slide show

Blotting my copy book

Some of my fellow classmates

After the presentation we were each taken by one of Bravissimo's fitters (I had the lovely Sarah) to be measured up. Now here is where these women really come into their own. Sure the event was lovely and sparkly but to see real booby expertise in action was amazing. 
With the lovely Elena-copping a feel

I often go on a swing in my bra and pants!

I know I've been wearing the wrong size bra for a while as I've lost a bit of weight. I had purposely worn what I considered to be my best fitting bra to see what the improvement would be. 
Getting my own big boobs measured.

Sarah took one look at me wearing said boob holder and went off returning with one bra. She hadn't measured me and I admit to being a little bit puzzled. Surely she would need to get a few styles and types and possible use a tape measure to ensure I had the perfect fit bra.
No this woman has a super power and that super power is to know at one glance what size your baps are.
I ended up with this bra-this isn't me, obviously. I haven't had time to be photographed in it-you get the idea though-like this but shorter and fatter

She returned with the Elodie bra by Fantasie she explained that my current bra was far too big in the back whilst the cup size was too small. When I put on the bra she brought in I looked like I had had a tit job. Just awesome. Its also incredibly comfortable with no shoulder digging or underarm pinching.
very kindly I was allowed to keep the bra and a few other bits and bobs but quite honestly I would happily have paid for it. Pert boobs when you are a H cup are worth all the tea in china.
Oooh Matron!
Bravissimo are running this campaign on their website and facebook page so go and have  a look and if you are in need of a new bra I can not recommend highly enough there fitting service. Its magnificent.

After such a boob filled morning both myself and Elena were famished so we made a quick dash to The Diner in Soho which we had both always fancied visiting. 
retro Cool
The Beautiful Mrs D

menu agogo


Its such a cool retro themed place and we both enjoyed some very tasty burgers. sadly I had to jump back on a train then but what a fab day. I'm a graduate of Boob school!!

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