Sunday, 10 March 2013

Becoming Wonder Woman

She's a wonder, Wonderwoman

Last week I took part in probably one of my all time favourite photoshoots!
It was a publicity shoot for the brand new Heroes vs Villains workshop we are launching at the Vintage Pamperbox and it was absolutely brilliant.
We came up with idea for this workshop last year. Myself and Lilly are both quite nerdy and love all things comic book, supernatural and sci-fi. One day we were talking about how much we would love to dress up as comic book characters but with really glamorous hair and make up and the idea was born.
Dressing up in this way is nothing new, there is even a name for it "Cosplay" and thousands of clever creative people create awesome costumes which they often showcase at comic conventions. 
However what we really wanted to do was make dressing up as super heroes/villains accessible to women who just wanted to dip their toe in the cospay water so to speak. 
Pooki-Rae is Batgirl

Lilly Von Catwoman

As a plus size hottie I also wanted to try out various looks to show that you don't have to wear a PVC catsuit to create an amazing look. 
I know that often the skin tight clothes comic book chicks wear can be slightly daunting if you are more Lumpy princess than Lara Croft and to this end I worked with some lovey designers who created some alternative takes on the traditional approaches including some fab swing and wiggle dresses with comic book elements.

Proving you can be Wonderwoman without the skimpy pants

I also wanted to show how fantastic a chick with more than a little junk in her trunk can look when she does go for the full figure hugging fantasy costume. As usual its all about attitude and getting the right fit.

Betty Batgirl

Robin-Who knew Batman's sidekick could be so sexy?

Lilly is Harley Quinn

Who says Harley Quinn has to wear a jumpsuit
Choosing which characters to be was so difficult, there were so many we wanted to try. In the end we settled on a great big slice of Batman and then  each chose some slightly more off the wall super chicks. 
To this end we dressed up as Cheetara from Thundercaats, Storm from X Men, Wonderwoman and Mrs Judge Dread, Pooki even did Supergirl!

Kicking up a Storm

Is it a bird, is it a plane?
I am the law

I wont lie planning this shoot took a lot of time. We collaborated with Wonderland wigs to ensure we got the hair right, we put together facesheets,did make up tests and a lot of research (I even went to a local comic convention) 
I'm so happy with the finished results. As usual Nicky Rockets photography is amazing and we all look totally fierce.

Thunder, thundercats!

Its made us so excited for our first public heroes vs Villains event on the 6th of April (there are a few tickets left but not many so be quick) and I'm so chuffed that we represent a lot of different sizes and body shapes. Lilly is a fantastic size 10 pocket rocket, Pooki Rae is a curvaceous size 14 and I'm a boobalicious size 18/20. Its all about sass ladies not about the label in the back of your clothes.

Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn in jeans-no lycra in sight

Plus size cosplay chicks are already out there (there are even facebook pages dedicated to them) and I'm so delighted to add my own contribution, because there can never be enough pictures of a fat chick dressed as Judge Dredd in my opinion.
I love how powerful I felt dressed in these costumes and as a total slice of escapism I can not recommend it highly enough. As I mentioned at the start of this post we are now offering this as a bookable event at the Vintage Pamperbox and also have a one off public day in April so if you fancy unleashing your inner goodie/baddie let us take you by the hand and help zip you up into something probably slightly flammable and lets be honest rather foxy.

The Details
Photography-Nicky Rockets
Make up-Lilly Von Pink, Betty Bee, Pookie Rae at the The Vintage Pamperbox
Wigs-Wonderland Wigs
Bettys Wonderwoman Costume-Party Paraphernalia Red Corset by Kiku Boutique
Pooki-Raes Batgirl CostumParty Paraphernalia Red Corset by Kiku Boutique
Lillys Cat woman costume-Party Paraphernalia
Betty's Wonderwoman Swing dress-Sew Stellar
Betty's Batgirl Costume-Party Paraphernalia
Pooki-Raes Robin Costume-Party Paraphernalia
Lilly's Harley Quinn Costume-Party Paraphernalia (Prop gun by Nicky Rockets)
Lilly's Harley Quinn wiggle dress-Sew Stellar
Lilly's Storm Costume-Party Paraphernalia
Pooki-Rae's Supergirl Costume-Party Paraphernalia
Betty's Judge Dread Costume-FBI jumpsuit-ebay, belt, badge and gun made by Nicky Rockets
Pooki-Raes Cheetara Wiggle dress--Sew Stellar
Betty's Poisen Ivy Dress-Poison Ivy-Dress by Miss Rubys Clothing
Lillys harlequin coset and jeans Kitty O Hara

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