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Aldi Smoky Eyes Palette review

Aldis Smoky Eyeshadow-a lot of bang for not much buck
Well the latest budget doesn't seem to herald much change in any of our fortunes, so a review of a budget busting eyeshadow palette is probably perfectly timed.
Ive reviewed Aldis Lacura range before with fairly promising results and already quite like the brand, so was very intrigued on a recent visit to see them selling a smoky eye palette for a mere £4.99
As a make up artist its fair to say the "smoky eye" is the evening eye make up look most requested, followed only by a "glitter smoke" 
Its actually quite a hard look to get right without looking like a panda so the fact this set comes with step by step instructions is a definate bonus and I decided to put it through its paces.
In the interest of doing a proper review I followed the instructions to the letter and then tweaked it a bit afterwards.Apologies for the less than amazing camera phone pics. Nicky rockets was out earning a crust so I was left to my own devices.

The packaging is really, really nice. Its a glossy box with a magnet lid (you know me I love a magnet) and a picture of a "smoky eye shadow" on the front. You could happily have this on your dressing table.
Nice box

Clever instructions

This is where it gets interesting. The steps they give you to achieve a smoky eye are clearly laid out, each with clear instructions, a photo and the correct colour to use. Very nifty and perfect if you are a novice.It also features a mirror which is great for on the go.

The Quality of the eyeshadow
Although this eyeshadow isn't massively pigmented its not bad for the price. 
To achieve a really deep smoky look you definitely need to build up the colour and I did use Urban decays Primer potion on my lids before I began to give it a bit of extra welly.

Not bad at all for under a fiver

The instructions are really easy to follow and in principle are a good step by step guide to achieve a dark smouldering smoky eye. I think the thinness of the actual shadow makes achieving the kind of finish shown on the front of the kit quite difficult to achieve but you can definitely create quite a nice smudgy effect as seen here.

When I apply a smoky eye eyeshadow on clients I find using a really pigmented pale colour on the lids and brow bones make the smoky dark colours "pop" and my biggest criticism of this set is that the pale colour isn't strong enough to add the  definition you need to create the depth a perfect smoke should have. I actually added some Mac vanilla pigment over the finished effect and that really lifted it.

Ive also lined under my eyes with the darkest colour for extra smoulder

The darks are really nice and soft but the paler colours don't quite offer the definition you need.
Final thoughts
So to summarise I think this is a great budget buy if you fancy trying out a soft smoky eyeshadow look. 
I would definitely use an eyelid primer and a better quality pale colour on the lids and brow bone. I didn't use the sponge applicator provided as it wasn't great but I would recommend packing the colour on with a sponge tipped applicator and then using a clean make up brush to soften the different colours.

ta dah! the completed look

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