Sunday, 17 February 2013

Weekend make Up Faves

Most weekends I can be found  sprinkling my make up magic on ladies at vintage pamper parties, photoshoots and individual bookings along with the lovely Lilly Von Pink and our newest team member Pooki-Rae.
Team Vintage Pamperbox
I thought it would be nice if once every few weeks I show you some of my fave vintage inspired looks from these bookings. Enjoy!

This gorgeous lady was very taken with the up do I was sporting so asked for the same. I love it when people want  "big hair" so was very happy to accommodate her request.Paloma Faith has also been wearing a similar style recently as well.

This was the lovely bride to be from a recent hen a party we worked at. I believe her honeymoon is going to be in America , hence the flag. I love all the red, white and blue styling and the blunt fringe. So pretty

Another yummy bride to be. This time I set her hair with classic victory rolls, using the tiniest amount of root poder to give lift. For my easy victory roll video tutorial see here

Sometimes a girls outfit will totally dictate the styling and the long black gloves and pearls worn by this gorgeous girl were very Audrey  Hepburn so a neat little beehive worked perfectly. I emphasied her already quite perfect arched eyebrows with some brown powder worked in with a slanted brush. Much softer than pencil
Here is a Lilly Von Pink soft roller set special. I love this look, its so flattering.A top tip when using rollers is to use old ladies setting lotion in a spray bottle for perfectly set curls that don't have crispy ends. for Lillys fab soft rollerset tutorial see here
I love this "come hither" pose. The rolled hair and 1940's styling  make for a sexy but strict head girl vibe I think. Who said girls in glasses never get passes!

I'm a huge fan of a faux Bettie bang. Here Ive also added victory rolls on either side to balance it out. Individual lashes have also given the eyes a beautiful feline slant.For my video tutorial on how to acheive this look go here
I adore a slightly messy beehive.If you are after a modern take on the sixties classic its less structured and very, very cute.

If wearing your hair all up in a beehive feels too severe leaving the back down can add a lovely softness. Also having a slight side fringe also stops it feeling too stern and as you can see here looks so fab.

Red hair, orange dress and matching lipstick I'm a sucker for a redhead anyway and this titian haired lovely was such a pleasure to style. Shades of Gilda I think

Few things make me as happy as a white blonde beehive. My inspiration for this blonde bombshell was the Dusty in Memphis photographs. The hot pink lipstick works a treat too.

Let us work some make up magic on you!

I hope you've enjoyed these examples of our work. If you would like to book a pamper party, a private make up and hair lesson go to we currently have a fab ladies Day offer for all you Merseyside chickadees, hair, make up and strip lashes for only £30 email me to book

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