Thursday, 28 February 2013

Entering Moshi Monster Land

This week I'm wearing my mummy hat and bright pink sunnies

For those of you who check into my blog for beauty reviews,clothes tips and the odd rant about fat bashing I promise normal service will resume soon. 
Its been half term and I have very firmly been wearing my mummy hat on top of my beehive and as I blog about my life that means this week I've been on various child friendly trips so if this bores you check in next week, normal service will resume.
You read yesterday about my adventures at Midlands Comic con. Straight after that we drove to Alton towers as they were having a Moshi Monsters themed weekend. Now to the uninitiated Moshi monsters are a worldwide phenomena which includes a virtual world, toys, music, costumes the works and my little girl is nuts about them.
She has a virtual world game where she collects codes and points for rocks and seeds, she walks around clutching her "Poppet" toy almost continuously. Shes mad about Moshis.
So when we saw that Alton towers were devoting a whole weekend to these little creatures we knew we had to go.
Meeting the Moshis
I was a little bit hesitant as so many of these kind of things end up being absolute bobbins. They promise some amazing themed adventure and when you turn up its all a bit underwhelming and ill thought out. Luckily that wasnt the case with this event, it was brilliant.
The joys of the Frog Hopper ride
Words fail me
We stayed overnight at the Alton towers splash landings hotel and as soon as we arrived we were in moshi heaven. There was a Moshi Treasure hunt around the theme park, Moshi face painting, a Moshi disco and a whole raft of moshi themed activities which were brilliantly thought out. Baba was in absolute heaven.
Meeting Poppet-Babas favourite Moshi

In her katsuma outfit ready for the Moshi fancy dress disco

We had booked tickets at the Alton towers water park for our second day and that was great too.
hanging by a hearse-as you do

baba taking over the decks at the Moshi disco

Meeting Diablo

Needless to say we had an amazing time so thanks Alton Towers you made one little girl and her slightly exhausted parents very happy.
Mr bee hamming it up in the spooky wood

And the moshi madness doesn't end there. Baba has moved into a bigger bedroom and we had promised we would theme it for her. 
the finished room

Chilling with the Moshi Monsters

So Mister Bee has been hand painting a mural every night for the last month and now its finished! It looks amazing. Here's hoping she doesn't grow bored of Moshi Monsters anytime soon.

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