Thursday, 21 February 2013

Big hair, Big Fun: Betty Pamper attends an advanced hair up course

I'm always trying to improve on my hair and make up skills so was very excited last week to attend an advanced "hair up" course along with Pooki-Rae and Lilly from the Vintage Pamperbox
The amazing Leanne with her ninja hair up skills

Lilly having a brew-well creating big hair is thirsty work

We attended a one day course at the Diva Beauty academy in Liverpool which was taught by the amazing Leanne.
 learning new tricks

Id already seen some of Leannes work before at a photoshoot I was make up artist at and she is an absolute hair genius. As well as working on hair for years she has also been taught by the King of the "hair up" Patrick Cameron who Lilly has long been a fan of and whose youtube tutorials are a bit of a rite of passage when you first start working on event hair.

Pooki-rae with her spooky hairdressing dummy
As is often the case at these workshops we were working on spooky hair dressing heads. We each already have these as its so important to practise your hair up skills. Mine and Lilly's  is called Pamela Pamperbox and Pookies is called Marnie!

Our mission for the workshop was to perfect some new red carpet/wedding hair styles. Leanne demonstrated each style and then we had a go and kept practising until we had got it.

I love the height I created with this style and it takes hardly any time at all

I really wanted to work on my finishing so spent much of the afternoon perfecting glossy buns and soft rolls. 

I also finally mastered the chignon which is  such a classic-cue lots of Grace Kelly hair at the next few Vintage pamper events!

Working some hair magic on my very still, untalkative client

A low bun with curl detail- by Lilly

I'm excited to try my new styles out on clients and its quite exciting to be increasing my hair style repertoire even further.I'm such a swot I love learning new things and am already casting around for other courses to go on. Well the world of beauty never sleeps!
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