Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Betty Pamper Goes To Comic Com

Ready to get my Comic Con on

Those of you with kids will know that last week was half term. Ive had a great week off with baba Bee and thought I would share one of the really fun things we did as a family.

Its comic convention season (London Comic Con is on as we speak) and to kick this off there was a Midlands comic convention quite near me at the International centre in Telford.
Ive been to comic conventions when Ive been working abroad but had never been to a UK one. 
As I'm putting on a Cosplay heroes vs Villains pamperbox event soon I thought it would be inspiring to go along and see all the amazing costumes the cosplay lovers had put together. My daughter and husband are just as nerdy as me so It made for the perfect family outing. At £6 each for me and hubby and with Baba going free it was also surprisingly inexpensive.

Beautiful Unicorn princess

One of the many stalls selling everything from playing cards to swords
It was a total visual feast. Unicorn princesses, Star Trek commanders, Spiderman, catwoman and lots and lots of Pokemon's. The vibe was incredibly welcoming and child friendly and everyone was so happy to have their picture taken.

I'm not sure how this lady could see but she looked magnificent

I loved this Jack Skellington. He even had a puppet of zero-genius

My mums favourite Star trek baddies are the Borg so this one is for her
These guys were amazing. Their Ghostbuster costumes were perfect
Definitely my favourite costume-Loving this "Dirty Ape"

Inside the convention there was as you would expect stalls selling all kinds of merchandise, comics, tee shirts, toys but the most enjoyable part for us was the Cosplay parade. The ingenuity and attention to detail that people put into their costumes was just amazing.
Harley Quinn cupcakes-only at comic con
Its an odd sensation to be decidedly under dressed
This spaceman was even walking in moon jumps
Baba loved these

There were a lot of Pokemon's

Amazing Spaceman costume

As a huge Starwars fan I loved hanging out with the Storm troopers

Baba  was very excited to meet the Ice King from Adventure time
We had a great time and I will definitely be going to the Manchester Comic Convention in the summer. This time in costume!

If you would like a ticket to our Cosplay themed heroes vs Villains pamperbox event on the 6th of April visit the pamperbox website

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