Thursday, 28 February 2013

Entering Moshi Monster Land

This week I'm wearing my mummy hat and bright pink sunnies

For those of you who check into my blog for beauty reviews,clothes tips and the odd rant about fat bashing I promise normal service will resume soon. 
Its been half term and I have very firmly been wearing my mummy hat on top of my beehive and as I blog about my life that means this week I've been on various child friendly trips so if this bores you check in next week, normal service will resume.
You read yesterday about my adventures at Midlands Comic con. Straight after that we drove to Alton towers as they were having a Moshi Monsters themed weekend. Now to the uninitiated Moshi monsters are a worldwide phenomena which includes a virtual world, toys, music, costumes the works and my little girl is nuts about them.
She has a virtual world game where she collects codes and points for rocks and seeds, she walks around clutching her "Poppet" toy almost continuously. Shes mad about Moshis.
So when we saw that Alton towers were devoting a whole weekend to these little creatures we knew we had to go.
Meeting the Moshis
I was a little bit hesitant as so many of these kind of things end up being absolute bobbins. They promise some amazing themed adventure and when you turn up its all a bit underwhelming and ill thought out. Luckily that wasnt the case with this event, it was brilliant.
The joys of the Frog Hopper ride
Words fail me
We stayed overnight at the Alton towers splash landings hotel and as soon as we arrived we were in moshi heaven. There was a Moshi Treasure hunt around the theme park, Moshi face painting, a Moshi disco and a whole raft of moshi themed activities which were brilliantly thought out. Baba was in absolute heaven.
Meeting Poppet-Babas favourite Moshi

In her katsuma outfit ready for the Moshi fancy dress disco

We had booked tickets at the Alton towers water park for our second day and that was great too.
hanging by a hearse-as you do

baba taking over the decks at the Moshi disco

Meeting Diablo

Needless to say we had an amazing time so thanks Alton Towers you made one little girl and her slightly exhausted parents very happy.
Mr bee hamming it up in the spooky wood

And the moshi madness doesn't end there. Baba has moved into a bigger bedroom and we had promised we would theme it for her. 
the finished room

Chilling with the Moshi Monsters

So Mister Bee has been hand painting a mural every night for the last month and now its finished! It looks amazing. Here's hoping she doesn't grow bored of Moshi Monsters anytime soon.

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Betty Pamper Goes To Comic Com

Ready to get my Comic Con on

Those of you with kids will know that last week was half term. Ive had a great week off with baba Bee and thought I would share one of the really fun things we did as a family.

Its comic convention season (London Comic Con is on as we speak) and to kick this off there was a Midlands comic convention quite near me at the International centre in Telford.
Ive been to comic conventions when Ive been working abroad but had never been to a UK one. 
As I'm putting on a Cosplay heroes vs Villains pamperbox event soon I thought it would be inspiring to go along and see all the amazing costumes the cosplay lovers had put together. My daughter and husband are just as nerdy as me so It made for the perfect family outing. At £6 each for me and hubby and with Baba going free it was also surprisingly inexpensive.

Beautiful Unicorn princess

One of the many stalls selling everything from playing cards to swords
It was a total visual feast. Unicorn princesses, Star Trek commanders, Spiderman, catwoman and lots and lots of Pokemon's. The vibe was incredibly welcoming and child friendly and everyone was so happy to have their picture taken.

I'm not sure how this lady could see but she looked magnificent

I loved this Jack Skellington. He even had a puppet of zero-genius

My mums favourite Star trek baddies are the Borg so this one is for her
These guys were amazing. Their Ghostbuster costumes were perfect
Definitely my favourite costume-Loving this "Dirty Ape"

Inside the convention there was as you would expect stalls selling all kinds of merchandise, comics, tee shirts, toys but the most enjoyable part for us was the Cosplay parade. The ingenuity and attention to detail that people put into their costumes was just amazing.
Harley Quinn cupcakes-only at comic con
Its an odd sensation to be decidedly under dressed
This spaceman was even walking in moon jumps
Baba loved these

There were a lot of Pokemon's

Amazing Spaceman costume

As a huge Starwars fan I loved hanging out with the Storm troopers

Baba  was very excited to meet the Ice King from Adventure time
We had a great time and I will definitely be going to the Manchester Comic Convention in the summer. This time in costume!

If you would like a ticket to our Cosplay themed heroes vs Villains pamperbox event on the 6th of April visit the pamperbox website

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

When Betty Pamper Met Claire Richards

Regular readers of this blog will know I have a bit of a bizarre relationship with Claire Richards from Steps. I have written in support of her twice now when I had felt she has been particularly ill treated over her size by the media  and yet each time have stated I'm no Steps fan (I have drunkenly danced to Tragedy but hey who hasn't but there my appreciation ends)
I know to many, Claire has portrayed a slightly muddled message in the past about how comfortable she is with her weight but to my mind she seems a nice woman who should be allowed to turn up at a red carpet event without expecting a torrent of abuse about her size in the papers the next day.
So when plus size clothing brand Fashion World announced they have collaborated with her on a clothing line I was quite intrigued to see what it was like. I think it would be fair to say that Claire is not known as a particularly edgy dresser and I'm sure I'm not the only plus sized hottie who wondered if she had  played a real design role or was just the "face" of the campaign. So when the fashion world PR team asked me if I would like to chat to Claire about the collection I jumped at the chance to get the low down on her input and to ask the lady herself how it feels for complete strangers to discuss your BMI. Here is the interview.

Betty-First of all congratulations on getting into the final of Big Brother. You were great to watch especially your relationship with Rylan the Steps superfan. Will you be keeping in touch with him?
Claire-Yes of course.
Claire and Rylans relationship was very sweet to watch. he is such a Steps superfan

Betty-Which are your favourite pieces from the collection you have launched with Fashion World and why?
Claire-I like the pieces that allow me to wear something pretty but comfortable during the day, there is a pretty dress with a bow print that I love and also I love the chunky knit cardigan that I wore everyday in the big brother house.
Claire's favourite-this actually looked much nicer when she wore it inside the house

Betty-How does the process work? are you acting as a muse/consultant or are you involved with designing any of the collection?
Claire-I've had a huge amount of input and taken inspiration from a lot of different areas, including some vintage pieces of mine that work really well for a plus size. I've also tailored a lot of the pieces to hiding or correcting the areas that I and other plus size women are perhaps not so comfy with when it comes to clothing.

Jumpsuit from the Claire Richards Collection £40

Betty-How much of a fashion maven are you? Do you place close attention to current trends or prefer classic wardrobe staples?
Claire-Being a plus size I tend to try and stick with classic shapes that I know suit me, and I keep up to date with fashion using prints and accessories oh and shoes.
Black and pink dress from the Claire Richards Collection £60

Betty-Your weight has been a source of regular scrutiny over the years, how do you handle that?
Claire-It still baffles me why everyone is so bothered by my weight. I'm kind of over it now, it's just boring how some people insist on going on about it all the time.

Jacket £35. Dress £45 from the Claire Richards Collection
Betty-Any tips for women out there struggling to accept being plus size?
Claire-I think the key to accepting yourself is to not worry what other people may think or say about you. And it's also educating yourself in how to dress the best way for your size and shape. Something that I think I have finally done. 
 Plait trim dress from the Claire Richards Collection £35

And here is what I think of the collection.

Overall I'm liking quite  a few of the pieces. The jumpsuit is quite fashion forward and I like the red trousers. I'm also completely in love with the blue sparkly dress. At the launch event Claire wore a flowered prom dress which was one of the stand out pieces in the collection for me so I thought it might be fun to see how it looked on  a real life fattie.

here is Claire looking rather fabulous

And here I am in my garden in the same dress
 I'm definitely a bit more punk rock than Claire and when it arrived I wasn't sure if it wouldn't make me look a tad frumpy especially as its mid calf length on me (I'm a short arse)  but I have really fallen in love with it now Ive styled it with my own accessories.

As its the middle of winter I wore a black long sleeved top underneath. I really liked the sheer panel at the neckline which I'm not showing to its best advantage, but sorry guys its freezing at the moment!

At £70 this is definitely not an impulse buy but it feels very well made. It has netting underneath the skirt to give it some fullness and its all finished well with piping around the edges.

I don't usually wear autumnal colours but Ive decided its quite nice to wear brown and cream with black for a change and if I decide it needs a pop of colour I can always team it with a bright cardigan.

Ive cinched it in at the waist with a wide belt and worn it with tights and an old pair of converse sneakers. its my usual take on punk princess chic but it would look equally lovely with a pair of ballet flats and a cute cardigan.
So there you have it, the Claire Richards Collection for Fashion World. What do you think? does any of it tickle your fashion pickle? 

Remember feeling good and looking great has nothing to do with dress size and everything to do with attitude.Never wait to be a certain weight to start enjoying clothes and never reject anything thinking it wont suit your shape. Try it on-you may be surprised.

For more plus sized fashion check out my Curvy Girl Style page
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