Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Old Skool Retro Kitch Boutique Comes To BB Towers

You spin me right round baby right round-like a cakestand baby
A few weeks ago the lovely Katie from the Old Skool Retro Kitch boutique sent me some items to review.
Its always a bit hit and miss when small companies send you things to blog about. Sometimes the stuff is splendid and makes you giddy, sometimes its poorly made and you have to send it back and you feel like a meanie.
So it was a releif when the three items Old Skool Retro Kitch boutique sent me were not only fab to look at but great quality too.
twirling my mustache (cushion)

Katie makes all kinds of homewares but I think its safe to say her speciality is beautiful cushions in quirky fabrics and I can't tell you how much I love this moustache cushion which is £12. It fits in so well at BB Towers and even matches my moustache necklace.

As a bit of a cake stand addict I was also very taken with this vinyl record cake stand although I'm not sure how much heavy duty cakeage it could take so think I am actually going to use it to display my jewellery on.
I know using old records is as much a divider as drilling into old plates, some people love the upcycle chic element, other people hate it and think its a waste of a good plate/record. I'm in the former camp obviously and as the records used were old language records don't think anyone would be missing them from their record collection.Its also a bargainalicous £6-wowza

Strumming my wrists

The final item I received was a quirky little braclet made with guitar plectrums. This nod to all things rock n roll is perfect for me and its on a nice thick bracelet so doesn't feel like it will break, my only slight niggle  is that its quite small so if you have particularly big wrists you may want to ask to have a few extra links added.
Although Old Skool Retro Kitch boutique do have a website there facebook page seems to house a lot more stock and pictures so if any of this tickles your pickle swing on over for a look.
fancy some muzzy action on the sofa!

And as always I like to hook up my lovely readers with fabulous freebies so you could win your very own moustache cushion. Its so easy to enter:

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  • "Like" Old Skool Retro Kitch boutiques facebook page
  • Leave a comment below

The winner will be drawn on January the 20th 2013 by random number generator.

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