Sunday, 6 January 2013

Betty Pamper's Booky Wook Hits The Shops

OMG My book is in Waterstones!

For those of you who follow me on facebook/twitter/instagram you will already know about this because in my total hysteria I spammed the bejesus out of these pictures. If this is a case I'm sorry but hey its not every day you see a book you've written with your own fair hands in an actual book shop is it?
So to set the scene I'm sure there is no one alive who has even a passing acquaintance with me who doesn't know that last year I wrote my first book. Its called "Handmade wedding crafts" and whilst its been available to preorder on Amazon for a month or so its actual physical release date is the 12th of January (four days after my birthday if you were wondering when to send all my cards and gifts ha ha)
So this month is when you can apparently wander into a book store and buy a copy. I wasn't sure if it would be stocked in places like waterstones. I already knew that it would be in Hobbycraft and Michel's in the states but as so much bookselling is done online I honestly held out very little hope I would ever see it in a bookshop and not just any old book shop, only my favourite Waterstones.
It happened quite by accident I needed to buy a book for the new "Wild Woman" book club Ive joined. I'm all about the Kindle nowadays but for the purposes of underlining paragraphs and quickly flicking to chapters decided to old school it.
Don't get me wrong I still buy a lot of real books especially fashion and photography books but would never buy a novel when I can just download it. So I do still go to waterstones in Liverpool quite often usually just for a coffee and a fondle of all the beautiful coffee table books.
A book I wrote on the shelf of waterstones-woohoo

Whilst I was paying for my book club purchase I asked them if they had a copy of my book in (I obviously didn't say my book although I kind of wanted to) and was amazed when she said yes it was in the crafts section.
Off I dashed and there she was. My book, all grown up and released and shoulder to shoulder with Kirsty Allsopp. 

There she blows-my book just hangng with Kirsty as you do.

I admit I felt quite emotional and tweeted, took pictures and was basically a bit hysterical but I'm sooo chuffed.
The books PR launch is underway now and apparently I'm in Sew magazine, Homemaker magazine and a few others none of which Ive not tracked down yet, but oh I will, prepare to be bored by the cuttings.
The book is also the book of the month for Make and Craft magazine and they are giving away three copies so if you fancy getting your hands on a copy check them out.
Otherwise you can buy the book from Amazon here
For everyone who sent me supportive tweets and facebook messages when I quite honestly couldn't ever see the book being finished, thanks so much. Please take a moment to share in my happiness-lets eat cake and drink tea to celebrate!

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