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Betty Pamper's 2012 In Frocks

Happy 2013 sweeties!
Ive already written about some of the new years resolutions I'm hoping to put in action throughout this brand new year and as I imagine a lot of you may be nursing slightly sore heads maybe a blog post that's quite picture heavy will be just the tonic.
I love clothes, make up and generally getting dressed up but until I started writing this blog never thought it would be of interest to anybody else. 
When I started writing blog posts with pictures of me in to illustrate the content I would often get comments asking me about what I was wearing,where I got clothes from and also people saying the fact that I'm a glamorous fattie made them feel they could be more adventurous about clothes regardless of what shape or size they were.
Ive always drooled over other bloggers outfit posts but never really felt I was young/slim/cool enough to do them myself but the encouragement of my lovely readers gave me the confidence to have a go and now my OOTD posts are a regular part of this blog and one of my favourite things to do.
To celebrate this here is a run down of 2012 in terms of some key outfits.

Ringing in 2012 in a leopard print swing dress and a bete Noir necklace (and lashings of red lipstick of course)

2012 I'm a coming to get you


February I dressed for the appalling weather using Land girl chic as my style guide. Shirt dresses over wide leg trousers and this fab granny knit cardigan from Next. 

Sometimes only a cardigan will do
One of the best things about writing a book (apart from the glorious day you send the finished thing off) is the photo shoot for the cover photograph. 
Never one to miss out on a chance to wear a tiara I posed and pouted in my Tiffany blue bespoke dress by Shameless Originals (and a lot of fake hair)

I wrote a book I did


April saw my first ever outfit of the day post. I stood in front of my rather tatty gate sporting a beehive, Pearl Lowe frock and Collectif cardigan and waited for the rotten tomatoes to be thrown. They weren't, you were all lovely and encouraging-hurrah

I lose my OOTD cherry


Having been asked quite a few times to do some plus sized modelling I decided to go for it for the amazing Dolly Mixture clothing. The jubilee themed shoot was such good fun and I loved the dress I got to wear even if I did have to wear two pairs of spanxs. 
Jubilee themed glam

Britain was caught up in a Jubilee frenzy so I celebrated the best of British in a Ska themed outfit with a Strawberry switchblade tee shirt. As you do.


Few things can be as terrifying as doing a photoshoot in a swimsuit. However I can't bang on all the time about accepting your body regardless of its size if I don't put my money where my mouth is. When Elomi asked me to model some of their swimwear collection I did pause for thought but actually I love the photos. Proving that big hair and false eyelashes can sort out any situation.
My milkshake brings all the cranks to the yard


Although I'm a self proclaimed retro tart sometimes its nice to channel some pure Rockabilly and this outfit was perfect for me to tackle some well overdue gardening at BB Towers.


September saw the beginnings of a beautiful relationship with clothing company Simply Be. I love their clothes and being sent the odd thing to review is such a total joy. I hope I never become one of those jaded bloggers who is cavalier about receiving goodies. I still do a little dance and get very excited.

Simply Be enter my life

October is one of my favourite months. I love Autumn, Halloween and also loved that the vintage pamperbox started offering 1980's themed pamper days so I could wear pink fishnet gloves and crimp my hair-woo

It was acceptable in the eighties

Possibly one of the most exciting things I did in 2012 was launch my very own teeshirt featuring a boobilicous space girl. Ive been blown away by how popular these are. Proving once and for all that killer curves can be very hot!

yes I'm dressed as a red headed space girl-what of it?

I love winter clothes and December saw me purchase one of my favourite things. A white faux fur coat. I feel super glam in this-its perfect for the school run!

Furry Fun

So there you have it. Some of the outfits rocking my world in 2012. I hope Ive inspired you to enjoy clothes and fashion whatever your age/shape/size and I promise I will be prancing around my garden in lots of daft clothes throughout 2013.

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