Monday, 14 January 2013

Limecrime Velvetine Lipstick Review

Loving me some Limecrime
Ive been slightly in love with  Limecrime cosmetics for a while. 
I have a huge style crush on its founder Doe Deere and just adore their packaging and wonderful adverts.
The super glam Doe Deere

As a make up artist the colours they offer in eyeshadows and lipsticks are very inspiring and the fact that the products are vegan is great.
Limecrime Lushness

So I was quite excited when they launched the Velvetine range. Matt lipsticks which dry to resemble velvet-ooh yes please. This I had to try.
My husband tracked down my Velvetine on Love Makeup (I got it for my birthday) as the Limecrime site had sold out of the Suedeberry shade I wanted. At £11.50 its not a bargain buy but not tons more than a the likes of Rimmel or Maybelline.
Fabulous box

The Velvetine arrived in a beautiful box (Limecrimes packaging is always so lovely) and the lipstick itself is in a lip gloss style applicator with a wand.The consistency of the Velvetine is a thin liquid with none of the goopiness of a lipgloss.

Suedeberry is a gorgeous orange/coral colour and although it looks wet on application it soon drys completely matt.It smells absolutely delicious too.
Unlike other matt lipsticks Ive tried this one didn't dry my lips out which was my one concern. It was also incredibly lightweight I barely felt I was wearing lipstick at all.
The wand is like a lipgloss one but the consistency is much thinner

It lasted a good few hours of eating, drinking and talking and still looked perfect.I was particularly impressed that rather than go bitty or crumble  it faded with wear so still looked good.

The colour is intense and it does look almost painted on which I absolutely loved.I'm not sure it resembles velvet but the finish is flawless and it makes your lips definitely stand out for all the right reasons.
Beautiful colour, amazing finish and its so long wearing-wow!
the only problem I have now is that I'm going o have to buy the red velvet shade too.

Bravo Limecrime, Doe your unicorn princess crown is well deserved.

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