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Harvey Nicks Beauty Bazaar In Liverpool

With baba Bee outside the Beauty Bazaar
As a self confessed make up junkie I love nothing more than going to the beauty floors of big department stores like John Lewis and Selfridges. I actually get quite exited at the prospect (yes I know I must get out more) and when Im feeling a bit flat just the smell of  a beauty counter can cheer me up.
Until a few years ago the beauty hall at Selfridges in the Manchester Trafford centre was my place for a make up fix but having a small child and being self employed has rather put a crimp in how much time I can justify driving to another city to play with lipsticks.
So needless to say I was very excited to learn that there was going to be a Harvey Nicks Beauty Bazaar opening in Liverpool.
Two floors of nothing but high end make up, a champagne nail bar and a cafe serving cocktails, it sounded like heaven and I was delighted to be invited to the launch. Sadly I was working on the day of the event and my make up job ran over. To say I was gutted doesn't really cut it but I was determined to go and visit and yes maybe make a few purchases.
Last weekend was the beginning of my birthday celebrations and as I had a little bit of birthday money to spend and unusually a free Saturday I decided to spend a few hours giving the "Beauty bazaar"  the Betty Bee once over.
I thought I would share my trip to this new beauty mecca with you. I'm  afraid its a bit light on photos. Quite honestly I felt a bit self conscious snapping away so most of these are just sneaky phone shots but hopefully you get the idea.
A few of my mac purchases

I started at the Mac counter. Always a dangerous place for a make up artist to be. Its not the biggest Mac concession Ive ever seen but it stocks everything you would want and was really well staffed. As always the Mac staff were incredibly helpful and really took the time to go through products with me, try out colours and I ended up buying probably a bit more than I should (full review to follow) it was a very good start.
Looking slightly sheepish probably because I had just spent a lot of money on make up

I then went to look at Chanel and fell in love with one of their velvet matt lipsticks. sadly they didn't have it in the shade I liked (La fascinante if you are interested) so I had to leave it but the girl told me the number of the lipstick and where Chanel was stocked elsewhere in Liverpool, how nice was that. 
I have to say I feel very sorry for the staff who are forced to listen to the Brad Pitt Chanel advert on a loop. Guys we know its a coup that you have got the Pittmeister but really, the same ad, on a loop? Its like a form of former hunk water torture.
Lovey Lippys at Channel

Anyway I digress yet again the girl helping was an absolute delight I know sceptics might think that for the prices charged by the likes of Mac and Chanel of course they are nice but as many of you will already know that's not always the case. Ive been treated in a very snooty high handed manner by many a beauty sales assistant in my time so to find approachable knowledgeable staff on these counters is a total joy.

Chanel I love you-shame you didn't have my shade

By this time I had already been in there an hour and was flagging so went upstairs to check out the "Wow" cocktail bar. Upstairs also has all the nail goodies in and I was rather tempted by the new OPI skyfall range but as I knew I wanted to make a few other make up purchases showed some uncharacteristic restraint and didn't get them.
Ooh what to have

Well I say restraint I then proceeded to have cakes and a champagne cocktail. Both of which were totally yummy. My cocktail was called "Good girl gone bad" and contained champagne and peaches-it was delicious.
Good girl gone bad-how appropriate

I was served by a beautiful girl with the most amazing red hair who recognised me from twitter so we had a lovely chat (Ive forgotten your name as I'm a div but hello)

The cakes were also gorgeous, so dainty. seemed a shame to wolf them down, but we did anyway.
Baba Bee enjoying the Harvey Nicks cake plate

Refreshed and feeling slightly tipsy I then made my way to the Estee Lauder counter. I had decided to invest in some doublewear foundation and concealer as Ive been looking so tired recently and know its considered the dogs kahunas for coverage. Yet again the girl on the counter was lovely. She tried all the products on me and gave me a great tip that if you mix your concealer with a little eye serum or moisturiser it doesn't sit in the lines-genius.
Come on estee-cover up my eyebags!
My only slight niggle was that Estee Lauder was the only counter that tried to upsell me some eye cream which as I was already spending quite a lot of money was a bit naughty however as soon as I said I wasn't interested they were back on message helping me find the perfect shade foundation.
All in all I was blown away by the range and service in the Beauty bazaar, its obviously not somewhere to go if you are on an extremely tight budget but for  a slice of unadulterated luxury its hard to beat.
 I am going to save up and treat myself to the Champagne nail bar I think.
As a footnote my mother in law went for a wander around the Beauty Bazaar the other day with no intention of buying anything, tried on perfumes, asked for samples and still received the exact lovely service so don't be shy to go in for a look.
I'm so pleased Liverpool has got this place and will definitely be going back again very soon-if only to get that Channel lipstick.
Harvey Nicks Beauty Bazaar is in Liverpool One opposite Waterstones

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