Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hanging Out With The Peaches and Cream, Liverpool

Little Katie, Lilly, Pooki-Rae and me ready for make up fun.

As make up artists myself and Lilly are always casting around for inspiration. As well as constantly trying out new looks, themes and products at The Vintage Pamperbox we also spend a lot of time looking at other make up mavens work.
Our instagram feeds and Youtube subscriptions are full to bursting with cool make up artists who constantly push the boundaries of what you can do with products and when one of us stumbles on someone we think rocks da house of slap we are immediately on the phone or throwing website links over the email airwaves.
Pooki-Rae and Little Katie
Quite recently Lilly came upon a make up artist called "Little Katie" whose interpretation of the Kim Khardasian smoky eyemake up was rather fab indeed. Imagine our surprise when we discovered she was local to us working at a boutique called Peaches and Cream in Liverpool. 

The fabulous "Little Katie"
When said boutique started offering masterclasses in Katie's rather splendid eyeshadow techniques we didn't hesitate. Sure we know how to do a smokey eye (its one of the most requested eyemake up looks this season) but I absolutely loved Katie's blending and shading and couldn't think of  a nicer way to spend a few hours than chatting to another professional and seeing how she does it.
At the fabulous Peaches and Cream
Smokey eyed magic
When you work in a profession whatever it is, even when you are experienced its so important to rub shoulders with others in your field. The tips and tricks you will pick up are priceless and if you are lucky you will be re energised about your job.
Lilly working her magic on Pooki-Rae

The lovely Pooki-Rae came along to act as our model and we spent such an enjoyable time watching as Katie talked us through how she has perfected her technique and then followed her example on Pooki-Rae. 
The fabulous smokey eye-we had such fun doing this look

We also tried a glitter eye-how gorgeous is this colour!

The results were lovely and it was so interesting to see where our techniques differed and where they were the same. I loved it!

The Peaches and Cream team are so on the same page as The Vintage Pamperbox. Their salon is a visual feast, full of cool artwork, quirky light fittings and lots and lots of glitter and inspiration.

They also love to do themed and unusual make up as well as the classic looks so were really interested  in all the looks we have done over the years (unicorn princess, fifties pin ups, sexy zombie) 
Katie is such a lovely talented girl and we really felt we made a friend that morning. The Peaches are a lovely creative bunch and I'm certain we will collaborate on something one day soon. its fate that we found them I'm sure of it.
Little Katie-you are the undisputed queen of the smokey eye, thank you for letting us hangout.We doff our make up brushes to you.

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