Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Flocking Great Nails Tutorial

Flocking-Its not just for wallpaper you know

 "Flocked" nails are having a manicure "moment" The prettier alternative to cavier nails (which slightly make me shudder but that might just be me) here is Lilly Von Pinks easy nail tutorial which will have you flocked up in no time

 You will need
  • Nail polish Matching your flocking powder
  • Flocking powder (I found mine in the craft shop also known as embossing powder)
  • Piece of paper
Step 1: 
Prep nails and apply base colour of your choice. I used red as it matched my flocking powder 

 Step 2
Now take you piece of paper,place it under your hand and apply another coat of polish (I work on one nail at a time as you have to work a little faster)

Step 3
Work quickly and pour your flocking powder over the nail (don't worry if it looks like loads that why we do it over paper to catch the fall out)
Step 4
Now pat down the flocking powder, lightly pressing it into the polish and shake off the excess. Allow a few mins to dry (I then use an old make up brush to get rid of the loose flocking

Step 5
Now you can pour all the left over flocking powder that's landed on you paper back into the pot.Waste not want not!

And thats it.Enjoy.
These nails don't last the test of time but are super glam for a night out or event

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