Thursday, 3 January 2013

Feeding My Funny: There's Something About Mary

Feed My Funny

Its the post Christmas slump and boy am I feeling it.
Its fair to say the last week has left me feeling very flat and whilst my reasons for being a bit down go beyond the usual early January blues I imagine I'm not the only one in need of a good laugh. Sometimes the laughs come to you and sometimes you have to seek them out. Here are some of my tried and tested comedy fixes that I always seek out when I need to turn my frown upside down.

The Mighty Boosh-Old Gregg

The Mighty Boosh is surreal, dark, off beat and without doubt the most watched comedy series at BB Towers. Old Gregg is possibly our favourite character and the term "mangina" has now been added to the Betty Bee dictionary. It also means I can never drink Baileys without putting on the Old Gregg voice. Yes I'm hilarious.

The food poisoning scene in bridesmaids
oh no she didnt. Oh yes she did

Toilet humour always makes me laugh. We used a whoopee cushion so much at BB Towers we broke it, yes we out whupped a fart maker. So the scene in Bridesmaids where the girls all end up pooing whilst in a wedding shop always makes me howl. its childish I know, but come on. A girl in a wedding dress shitting in the road-hilarious

Miranda-making overweight clumsy women the world over feel good

I adore Miranda Hart. As someone who has always felt very uncool her humour really tickles my funny bone.I'm also incredibly clumsy and its a running joke at pamper boxes that I fall over absolutely nothing, at least once a day so Miranda's habitual crap falls totally resonate. Such fun!

I used to be quite obsessed with Blackadder and could quote whole sections of the scripts word for word (and yet I wasn't considered cool at school I wonder why) a lot of the things that made me howl as kid (the Young ones or Ab fab for example) don't really stand up now I'm a growdie up but Black Adder still hits the mark. I also adore the character of Queenie and may well threaten to send people to the tower if I don't get any presents for my birthday next week.

Russell Brands Booky Wook
Russell the love muscle
I love books that make me snort tea through my nose and Russell Brands "My booky wook" certainly did that. The chapter where he finds himself taking a bath with tramp is possibly my favourite but the total cringe fest of wanking a stranger off in a toilet for a low budget TV show also had me reaching for the tena ladies. very, very funny.

Spaced-why didn't they make more?

This series is perfection. Its so well written, the characters so well developed and its just so, so funny. Tim and Daisy-the most amazing couple that never were. Alongside Mike the army obsessed weekend soldier gone wrong, Brian the fabulously weird fine artist and Marsha the drunken landlady. I watched an entire series of Spaced on a flight to Japan and it made a hot sticky boring cramped journey literally fly by.That's the magic of good comedy.

There's Something About Mary
There's something about Mary-Puerile? Oh for sure. Hilarious? you betcha
No matter how grumpy I feel, this film makes me laugh. Its totally stupid and Ive seen it so many times but it still tickles my funny bone every time. Hair gel anyone?

Theres so many more I could mention but as comedy and what makes us laugh is such an individual thing i fear I might just be being a bore. So if you are feeling a little flat dig out you favourite funny and immerse yourself in the silly. Its my grand plan for the rest of January.

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