Monday, 21 January 2013

Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation & Concealer review

Double bubble or double trouble?
I'm always on the lookout for new foundations and concealers to try both for myself and to add to my professional kit.
Having just had a birthday I'm aware that I'm no longer in the first flush of youth so need products which will work that little bit harder.
Recently I decided to invest in some more make up for my professional wedding make up kit and when you ask around one name crops up again and again amongst make up artists "Estee Lauder doublewear" its been around for ages but is still considered the last word in coverage and wearability.
Having had a bit of a stressful start to the year I've got quite bad eyebags and I'm a bit spotty so I'm the perfect candidate to give doublewear a run for its money.
Be warned you are about to see me in all my unmade up glory. Hope you are of a strong disposition. As you can see I'm freckly, blotchy, have a nice spot on my chin and eyebags-gorgeous.
Yikey Crikey-Here I am in natural light with no slap on
Ive actually brought a few different coverage types of the doublewear for my kit but decided to go to the hero product in the range the doublewear maximum camouflage coverage in shade 01 creamy ivory light.
Bringing out the big guns-Max coverage
I cleansed toned and moisturised my skin as usual and also applied some Loreal primer. 
Blend, blend, blend

To begin I dotted the foundation all over my face and used my beauty blender sponge to work it in.
The consistency of the foundation was surprisingly thin (I had assumed that it might be more like Macs Studio sculpt range which has quite a gloopy feel to it) so it applied easily into the skin.
I did have to work the product quite quickly as its fast drying and you definitely need some moisturiser or primer underneath unless you have quite oily skin.
I was really blown away with the coverage and to be honest if your skin was going through a good patch you wouldn't need to add concealer as it gave me a great even finish.I also didn't require building up. one application was enough.

As Ive got quite bad rings under my eyes at the moment I also applied the Estee Lauder Doublewear Stay in place flawless concealer
Step Two-Conceal
I dotted this under my eyes on the sides of my nose and chin area and yet again used my beauty blender sponge to ensure this was worked properly in.
Dot, dot, dot
I was so impressed with the coverage and the finish. My skin looked really even and flawless.
I went from this
To This
I set the foundation with Macs careblend powder which worked really well and as promised it didn't move or fade for the whole day. Here it is with the rest of my make up applied.

The doublewear foundation and  concealers are definitely an investment buy. At £27.50 for the foundation and £20 for the concealer they are not to be purchased on a whim but if you are finding your usual foundation is no longer offering you the coverage you need or you have pronounced under eye rings or acne scarring its definitely worth considering.
The girls on the Estee Lauder counters are very happy for you to take samples away so if you are thinking this product might be what you are looking for give it a test run first.
If you are after the dewy barely there look of a BB cream or light coverage foundation this isn't the product for you.This is for when you want an absolutely flawless finish and want your make up to stay put for hours on end.
One thing I did find is that apart from under my eyes I really only needed the lightest application and if I was too slap happy with it I looked slightly caked, this was down to my application rather than the product but It does need some working into the skin.
This definitely lives up to the hype. Hurrah I can trick old father time yet again with the canny application of make up. Don't you love it when that happens!

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