Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Betty The Florist

As a creative sort of girl who has always been slightly obsessed with interiors and prettifying life Ive aways been convinced I would make a great florist.
I have nothing to back this up and Ive no doubt florists all over the land are wetting themselves at my arrogance (for the record I also think I have a great singing voice, my husband, friends and family assure me I really don't)
So when Interflora asked me if I wanted to "Unleash my inner florist" using their new state of the art online bouquet Creation tool I couldn't have been happier.

Its a niffy concept. You log onto their website and rather than simply clicking to order a standard bouquet you pick which flowers you want to include, the vase type, ribbons, foliage the whole nine yards. And its not just a tick box. You are given a picture menu of each bloom and can actually see how your flowers will look, add more, take some away until you are completely satisfied.
I had a good half hour of fun designing my bouquet pretending I was Jane Packer, it was lovely. 
Unleashing my inner florist-online

My slight criticism would be there wasn't a massive choice of flowers but hey its January and I understand they have to guarantee that all their florists nationwide stock the same kinds of blooms.
Pinks to cheer up gloomy January

I decided on a pink theme as quite frankly I'm so over this grey January weather. The great thing is that not only can you save your creations (so basically once you have created a bouquet you love you can simply send it again and again) but also you can look at other peoples saved bouquets which is great for inspiration.

Once I had designed mine I simply clicked that I wanted to collect it the next day and picked an interflora florist down the road.
When I collected my bouquet it was exactly as I had asked for. Somehow I had been so dazzled by the colour pink that I had actually added a few dreaded carnations to my handiwork but overall I thought it looked very beautiful. 
Quite pleased with my design even with the carnations

Am I a natural florist? maybe not, would I use this service again? yes if I wanted to send flowers to friends or family members outside my local area. 
Now in the interest of openness I confess I stopped using the standard interflora service a long time ago. I just got annoyed that I would ring and place a very specific order asking for sunflowers or pink roses and discover that the person the flowers were intended for got a bouquet mainly made up of carnations (my most hated flower) I tend to always use two very good florists on the Wirral (Earth and Eden if you want to know) as I trust that they have the artistry and flair to deliver what I'm after.
Say it with flowers

I still think the expertise of my two favourite florists surpasses the creation I made but as they are only able to deliver for me locally,this is a great idea if I need to send a bouquet nationwide and want to avoid the slightly impersonal feeling that the usual flower delivery service can have.
A lifetime ambition fulfilled

One final thing that rather amused me was the hand written note telling everyone the bouquet was "designed by Betty" so for one day only I became a florist. That's a tick off my career bucket list. Thanks Interflora.
The My Interflora Creation bouquet service can be found here

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