Friday, 25 January 2013

Betty Bat Girl

Betty Batgirl
This week has been very exciting as The Vintage Pamperbox has announced its first Heroes vs Villains event 
On the 6th of April we are offering ladies the chance to come along and be transformed into their fave comic book or movie character and take part in a wonderful pin up inspired photoshoot. Poison Ivy, the Riddler, IronMan, Rogue, Wonderwoman, Catwoman, The choices are endless. 
As a make up artist researching looks for this has been just fabulous and as we are booked for a promotional photoshoot in February to promote this theme both myself and Lilly have been trying out lots of different looks. Last Sunday we did some tests for Batgirl and The Joker
Its no joke-Lilly as the Joker
Fighting Crime-who is this masked woman?


Fancy dressing up as a Superhero-here is a quick tutorial for the bat girl make up!

You will need
Black eyeliner
Black gel liner
White eyeshadow
Yellow Eyeshadow
Black Eyeshadow
Gel fix
Yellow Glitter
False eyelashes
Blue eyeshadow
Clear lip gloss

Step One
Start with a simple foundation base.

Step Two
Draw your bat logo on your face using your eyeliner pencil. I also drew circles around my eyes so you would be able to see the eye make up I will be adding later.

Step Three
Fill your mask outline in with black gel liner.

Step Four
Take your white eyeshadow and sweep in along the sides and down the nose of your mask. This will give the appearance of light bouncing off and make the mask look more realistic.

Step Five
Take your yellow eyeshadow and sweep it along your eyelids

Step Six
Blend black eyeshadow along the socket line and at the outer corners to accentuate and "cat eye" your eyes.

Step Seven
Add a french flick using liquid eyeliner. Also underline the eyes with a smudge of the black eyeshadow.

Step Eight
Dab gel fix on your lids and pat yellow glitter on.

Step Nine
Apply false eyelashes and a slick of lipstick. i mixed blue eyeshadow with clear lip gloss but a bright red or shocking pink would work just as well.

Step Ten
Throw on a black cape (ears optional and prepare to fight crime!
Our Heroes vs Villains Event takes place on Saturday the 6th of April in Liverpool. Tickets are £50 and can be purchased here

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