Thursday, 27 December 2012

Queen Of The Wombles

Queen Womble Of Narnia

Hello sweeties. This is my first post after the Christmas break and I thought I would kick off in a high brow insightful way. 
I have brought a new coat!
Yes another one and no I didnt need it-what a strange question. Have we met?
Thanks Curious Orange
Just before Christmas I visited a vintage fair at the Kazimeir in Liverpool and a great shop called Curious Orange (they have a shop in Quiggins in Liverpool too) had a stall there selling vintage clothes, hats, bags and accessories.

Its vintage, its faux fur, it fits!!

I absolutely love vintage clothes but being a plus sized hottie finding anything other than polyester nightmares in my size is as rare as rocking horse poo but I'm always happy to peruse the rails just in case.
Dear readers I struck pure vintage fatty gold! I spied this white faux fur coat hanging on a rail and almost dismissed it as I was so sure it wouldn't fit. However having consumed a glass (or two) of mulled wine I decided to have ago anyway and guess what, it fits like a dream.It cost £40, is snow white (so totally impractical but when has that ever stopped me) and is as soft as a kittens paw.
I'm so glad I tried it on-tipsy shopping rules
As you know I fly in the face of the so called clothing "rules" handed out to fat birds but even I'm aware that a fluffy fur coat can make someone with bangers as big as mine look like a furry dice.
To counteract this Ive given the coat a more nipped in shape by clasping it in with a belt by Evans and I think it looks rather marvellous.
A belt stops it looking too cube like
I feel like a snow queen. OK maybe more Queen Womble but definitely regal.
Its part 1970's Barbra Streisand album cover (probably with one of the Gibb brothers sporting a perm) part Liz Taylor the bloaty Burton years and in my world that's an amazing thing.

Total glam-a white fur coat. Love it!!
I have nowhere to wear it and was so desperate to give it an outing I sported it to Tescos the other day. Lots of people stared. they were envious no doubt.
Also while I have you here let me share a couple of my Christmas presents.
Perfect for Tescos
First of all I received this amazing make up artist necklace by Bete Noire.
I adore it and now that I'm advancing in years (birthday in a weeks time folks-21 again!) its always good to remind myself of what I do for a living should I have a senior moment.
More Bete Noir for my collection

I also received this amazing lipstick by Limecrime. its called "Countessa Fluorescent" smells of marzipan, is hot pink and very creamy. I love it, the packaging is purple with a silver unicorn on-awesome sauce as my six year old would say.

Loving me some Limecrime

Finally I fell in love with these bones headbands by Janine Basil a while ago (she does fab ones with things like "Pow" and "Bam" on as well) so was chuffed to bits to find one in my stocking. Its a nice dose of Betty Rubble chic to get me through the post Christmas slump.
Bones for my bonce

I hope you all had a marvellous crimble. Mine was grand. Lots of eating, drinking and being merry. See you soon love Queen Womble!
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