Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Christmas One And All!

Happy Christmas from Mrs Claus and he Christmas elf
Hi Sweeties Its Christmas Eve and I just wanted to say Happy Christmas from BB Towers. 
Mr Bee as Santa (minus the hat as he didn't want to ruin his quiff) with Baba Bee the Christmas Elf
Today I will be watching lots of Christmas themed movies,eating my own body weight in celebrations and just enjoying spending time with Mr Bee and my very own Christmas elf.
Baba Bee applying lipgloss to go with her Santa beard-as you do

Last week I went to a vintage and craft fair in Liverpool. It was great fun and after drinking mulled wine, trying on some very lovely clothes and looking at some beautiful handmade items I definitely got my festive good cheer on!
Here is a little video I made of the day.

having trouble viewing this embedded clip-watch on Youtube
Ive got lots of exciting plans for the blog in 2013 and as long as you want to keep reading I will keep writing.
I couldn't pass up this opportunity to say a huge thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my blog, watch my youtube vids and chat with me on twitter and facebook. It means the world to me.Thankyou also to those of you who got in touch recently when my nan passed away and who left such kind comments on the blog post I wrote about her. It was very kind of you all and meant a lot to me and my family.
Queen Bee-Ruler of the big boobied appreciation society
Here is a little Christmas message that I filmed for you (I feel like the queen)

having trouble viewing this embeded clip? Watch on Youtube
So all that is left to say is cheers. Have a fabulous Christmas. Eat, drink and be merry and see you in 2013!


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