Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Casino Themed Nail Art

Betty was obviously totally useless at nail stamping so Lilly had to step in

A couple of weeks I received a nail set with some game themed nail stamps 
(It was part of a Ladbrokes promotion as they have a new range of Christmas casino games )
Ive never used nail stamps before but was quite taken with the playing cards and lucky seven designs so decided to have a go. Now I'm not particularly talented at nail art. I can do a few little designs such as polka dots or leopard print using a nail pen but that's really my limit. 
I tried to use the stamper a few times and sadly it seems I lack the ability to do stamping myself. However the designs were so pretty I asked Lilly Von Pink to use them instead so here is her tutorial. 

You will need

  • Nail Polish 2 colours
  • Nail Polish remover
  • Cotton wool buds
  • A Konad set which contains printing plate, scraper and stamper
The essential stamper kit

Step 1: Prep nails and apply base colour of your choice. We used white so the image would stand out

Step 2: Clean all you equipment with nail polish remover (i.e your printing plate, scraper and stamp) making sure theres no dust or grease to distort your image

*This part you have to work quickly so practice stamping onto paper*

Step 3: choose your first image and take your second colour of polish and apply to the image (stipple the polish on to make sure you get all the lines)

Step 4: scrape the polish off. Holding the scraper flat against the plate firmly scrape the polish off so the polish can only be seen in the lines of the printing plate.

Step 5: Take your rubber stamp and roll it on top of the image you have just prepared ( roll it in one movement i.e left to right don't rock back and forth)

Your chosen image will now be on the rubber stamp

Step 6: Then with your stamp use the same movement to apply to the nail (Position as best you can and roll the image onto the nail)

Step 7: continue with as many designs as you like.Leave to dry then seal with top coat

* Top Tip make sure you clean your printing plate. The smallest thing can stop a successful print and unless you are a fairly competent nail artist its worth investing in the special nail polish offered as part of these kits as it has a slightly thicker consistency which makes it easier to work with.

And there you have it-casino themed nail art. You can get stamps with hundreds of designs on from Konad  everything from butterflies to handbags.Happy stamping!

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