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Betty's Bargain Stocking Fillers

Budget Loving Stocking Fillers
I’m hoping I’ve inspired you all to buy a few of your gifts from UK independent sellers this year. If you would like to see my recommendations for some seriously lovely items all handmade in blighty check out my last blog post.
If you are now just looking for little stocking fillers or some really inexpensive  gifts to add to main presents then its well worth investigating the likes of poundland, poundworld, TJ Hughes and TK max as they are full to bursting with little bits and bobs.
You do need to have a bit of vision as at first these stores can seem to be made up of bumper packs of weird biscuits and jay cloths. The make up and toy sections are probably the most fruitful places to start looking. Here is a vlog about a few things I have picked up this year.

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Dolly Themed Beauty Box
A lot of cuteness for a fiver

One trick I always use when buying gifts is to put a few inexpensive items together to create something which looks really lovely. This is an old box I’ve saved, filled with tissue paper and I’ve made a little pamper set for a friend of mine who loves all things Russian Dolls, Japanese ladies.
The nail file set and brush kit were both the princely sum of £1 each from poundland and the bubble bath set was £3 from matalan so the whole thing cost a fiver and I’m sure you agree looks rather lovely indeed.

Branded Make Up Bundle
Great brand, great price

Discount doesn’t have to mean strange unknown makes. This year I’ve picked up some fab Calvin Klein make up from the discount store TJ Hughes. The eye shadows were £3 each and the blusher was £4 so for £12 I have a set of lovely branded make up which my friend who loves all things high end will thoroughly enjoy. Since buying these I’ve also found them for an even cheaper £1.99 at fragrance but not sure if that includes P & P.

Little Princess Pamper Kit
A box of pampering loveliness

Little girls love all things make up and beauty so I’ve made a mini pamper kit for my friends little girl. The make up kit and nail varnish were £3 each from Matalan and the Little Angel toiletries were from Poundland. Yet again a cute looking gift for just a few quid and an old beauty box.

Character stocking Fillers
Moshi madness for your kids stocking

When I was little the biggest thrill on Christmas day was waking up to a stocking bulging with little gifts. The obligatory Satsuma, chocolate coins and silly little cheep games my mum would pick up and wrap. My little girl is no different so I always ensure her stocking has lots of little surprises in. She is mad about Moshi Monsters at the moment so these Moshi bath products which were £1.20 each from Home and Bargain are perfect. Its also practical stuff which we will actually use. Result.

Dollies At Pocket Money Prices
A Blythe doll from home and bargain well I never

Home and bargain also had this fab Blythe doll set for £4.99. Now I love Blythe dolls and have collected a few over the years and my little one loves to play with them so this will definitely be a welcome addition to the present pile.

Budget Beauty Products
benefit dupes for a quid each-ooh yes please

I’m a massive fan of Benefits High beam so was a bit dubious when I found this highlighter by poundland make Chit Chat but I’m delighted to report it’s really good. It’s slightly more shimmery than High beam but as dupes go it’s not bad at all. To compliment it they also have a cheek tint which is very similar to Pinch your cheeks. I love this and it even smells of roses. This would be a perfect little set for one of your make up junkie friends

A Lot Of Glitter For A Little Price
All that glitters doesn't cost much gold at Primark

We all know know how fab primark is for cheep clothes but there accessories and make up can be good too. I absolutely love this glitter eyeshadow palette from them which is a mere £2.

What sparkle lover wouldn’t love to receive this at Christmas? They also do a neutral palette and a lip gloss box in the same rang, all £2 each so I’ve made up little bundle packs for friends.

 Posh Biscuits At Less Than A Fiver
TK Max-pricey looking biscuits for under a fiver
I always think its nice to give families a joint present as well as individual ones and a tin of biscuits in my experience is always welcome. This super cute Scottie dog tin of biscuits was  £4.99  from TK Max and I think has more than a little Cath Kidston about it.

Luxe Packaging At Poundland
A pound for something this pretty-Bravo!

So much about the excitement of receiving a gift is the excitement of unwrapping it. these little jewellery boxes are from poundland and are perfect for some jewellery gifts I have brought for friends.

So there you have just a few little stocking filers available at your local discount stores. It’s really important that while we enjoy Christmas we don’t enter the New Year saddled with loads of debt as that would be daft. Manage your own expectations and stop thinking people will be judgemental or think you a tight arse if you buy them gifts from discounted stores. Most of the stuff in these places is end of lines that have probably already been in more high end shops so its just strange snobbery to think that it’s not as good if it’s cheaper.

Don’t buy loads of things willy nilly (very easy to do in these places) and have an idea of who you need to get things for, but if you have an open mind and can think outside the box you can get some gorgeous things at a fraction of the price.

For loads more Christmas inspiration, recipes, craft ideas and tips check out my Christmas Page

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