Monday, 19 November 2012

The Iron Maidens: The New face Of The WI

Last week myself and Lilly were very excited to be asked to do a mini Vintage Pamperbox workshop at the launch event of a new branch of the Women’s institute on Wirral.

Addressing the first meeting of "The Iron maidens" WI group

Set up by the very sassy Sami Score "The Iron Maidens" is an alternative to the more traditional idea of the Women’s institute. Whilst still enjoying all the general girl power awesomeness that the organisation represents (did you know they launched the keep Britain tidy movement, fought for longer maternity leave and campaigned for smears to be readily available for all) this is a group with a more edgy flavour.
Some of the lovely iron maidens

Sami’s idea is to offer a group aimed at women interested in Burlesque, Vintage Lifestyle, Steampunk, Tattoos, Roller Derby, Pin-Up Glamour, Gothic, Rockabilly, Punk, Heavy Metal.Crafting, Baking, Learning, Socialising, Helping, Participating, Raising Awareness and Helping in the Community.
Teaching lazy victory rolls
Work shopping Vintage beauty tips

A hub for alternative lovelies who love the idea of the WI but might be slightly put off by the whole jam and Jerusalem tweedy image.
easy peasy french flicks
The lovely Sami Score-President of The Iron maidens WI group

As soon as I spoke to Sami I fell in love with her enthusiasm and vision (she describes herself as an ‘old metal fan with a sewing machine and a dream’ what’s not to love about that) and was not only incredibly flattered to be asked to act their very first speaker but also decided there and then that I would also be joining.
More Iron maidens-not a twin set in sight

Held at a local function room it was great to see such a good turnout on a cold November night and how interested and excited everyone looked about the possibilities this new group offered.
A room full of WI lovelies
For my part we did a whistle stop master class in how to apply liquid eyeliner, lazy girl victory rolls and faux Bettie bangs, which seemed to go down well and met some fabulous chicks who I’m hoping will become my Iron Maiden buddies.
The WI Committee

The next meeting is on December the 12th at Misty Blue's in Liscard at 7.30pm. Inquiries to you can slo follow them on twitter @IronMaidensWI or find them on facebook
Photos by Pooki Rae

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  1. I love the WI and even more this group of funky ladies! BBC4 did a documentary about a newer and younger WI so I reckon a follow up with this group would go down a storm. I'd be a member if i lived on the Wirral fo sho!xx

  2. Wow, that looks like such fun. X

  3. I'm sure I remember reading/hearing about this group whilst in the area for the weekend - loves great. More needed! (And looks like one of the committee members is already a fan of your t-shirts) ;-)

  4. I went to a WI meeting recently. They're called Rage Against the Sewing Machine.
    Apparently there is one in Leeds called Buns N Roses which I think is BRILLIANT!!!!!!
    BTW, we all got tipsy and overdosed on cake. Don't remember singing Jerusalem or seeing anyone in tweed!
    xx Hope you are feeling better x

  5. oh wow! Thats my kinda group! I wonder if there is anything like this in plymouth?
    excellent post!

  6. Heheh. Pics of me actually looking like I'm having fun, rare as hen's teeth these days! Loved the night, looking forwards to the next meeting too. Ta for this write up, it's ace!

  7. Wow! We need one of these this side of the water in Liverpool.

  8. Now that's what you call a WI group :D xx


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