Monday, 26 November 2012

North West Burlesque Society: Talking To The Tassel Twirlers

Me, Ginger la Rouge, Mikey Wong & Lilly Von Pink at The North West Burlesque Society

Last weekend I was invited to speak at the North West Burlesque society’s monthly meeting.
Now being a bit of a burlesque botherer a society celebrating all things tassel twirling and tease is right up my street so I was very pleased indeed when they got in touch
getting my talk thang on at the NWBS
The NWBS as they are known  aim to create an informal event for burlesque performers and appreciators alike to network, learn, share experiences and meet those with interests similar to their own.
Portfolio careers-The pros and cons-setting out my stall
As it takes place in Manchester I’ve never attended before but the chance to mingle with the great and the good of the North West Burlesque community was too good a chance to miss.
Hoping I'm not being too dull

When they approached me to speak they very kindly allowed me to choose what I covered so I gave a short talk about how I manage having a portfolio career.
Selling my sassy self employment philosophy

As many of the NWBS members are performers I imagined they too may be doing more than one thing to make ends meet and as it’s a way of working Im quite passionate about I hoped my approach may be of some interest to them.
Lilly hanging off my every word as usual

Lilly Von Pink came along and they couldn’t have been more welcoming to us both. The lovely Ginger la Rouge and Mikey Wong who help run the event introduced me and once I had waffled a bit about the pros and cons of juggling a few career balls in the air the Q and A quickly turned to all manner of subjects including blogging, Lady Gaga, body image and why we were all rooting for Lisa Rily to win Strictly it was fab.
Sharing my ideas on how to make self employment work
I took along some of my Killer Curves tee shirts which also proved a hit so overall a great evening meeting some fabulous people.
The Q & A was random but fun

If you are a performer or simply a lover of all things burly hop on over to the NWBS website to find out more.
For more hints and tips about working for yourself check out my Sassy Self Employment page

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