Thursday, 15 November 2012

Scentsey From Heaven

is it a cupcake?  is it an oil burner? no its  a Scentsey

I absolutely love burning scented candles, joss sticks and oils to make BB Towers smell wonderful.The only small problem I have is that I can be a little absent minded and its many a time that Mr Bee has come downstairs in the morning to find a scented candle burning from the night before.
So when the lovely Kristin from Scentsy one of my blog sponsors asked if I would like to try out their electric scent warmer I jumped at the chance. 
I confess I had never heard of Scentsy before but a quick look at their website confirmed that they might offer a much safer alternative to my rather flammable interior perfume options.
The little wax cubes are placed in the warmer
The Scentsy warmer Kristin sent me is shaped like a cupcake which means it perfect to use in the kitchen to get rid of cooking smells. The warmers have a little dish inside on which you pop a scented wax cube and once switched on they very gently melt, never getting too hot and filling your entire room with the most lovely smell. I was sent cinnamon and black raspberry fragrance wax and they both smell absolutely delicious. The warmer is so easy to clean and even has a little light inside so looks very cosy. I'm quite taken with it.They have lots of different designs from sleek vase like ones to camp santa ones and everything inbetween so its quite easy to find one to suit your taste.

Kristin also sent a little Scenty Buddy for baba Bee. This is a cuddly toy with a little pocket in the back in which a sachet of fragrance goes. She loved this and it made her little bedroom smell like sweetpeas.
Baba Bee with her Scentsey Buddy
The little sachet fits in a pocket on its back

My Scentsey Warmer casting a twinkly little light in my living room
At £30 for a warmer these are definitely a bit of an investment buy rather than something to get on a whim but after using mine for a few weeks I'm planning on buying some for every room and as each wax cube lasts about a week and the packs contain eight cubes (and are only  a fiver) once you have the unit they are great value and seem slightly more sophisticated than burning oil and a lot more attractive than a glade plug in.
Looking to a future where scenting my home doesn't risk burning it down
Check out Sentsy here

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