Sunday, 4 November 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

I'm a great believer that complacency is the killer of creativity. As soon as you think you have something licked and feel all smug and wise  your hunger and edge just evaporates.
leopard print eyes for Halloween
I realise not every day can be an exercise in refreshing your skills base, doing a job well and to a high standard has to be the priority but I think its really important to  set yourself mini goals. To learn new tricks in your chosen field or include something unfamiliar within your favourite hobby. It stops things getting boring, means you are working your brain and can awaken an excitement in something which has started to feel very samey.
Practising new looks means I never get bored
Running the Vintage pamperbox I get to do a lot of make up especially 1950's inspired make up. I couldn't tell you how many times Ive applied a flick of black eyeliner, a dash of red lipstick or a pinch of rosebud pink to cheeks, its still my favourite make up look and I absolutely love it. Recently however we held some workshops in Horror gore make up and that was a great excuse to try out new techniques and looks and for me its vital to keep on trying out new things in all areas of my creative life.
Trying out some new make up techniques on Lilly-we called this look the "Manga Cat"
This week myself and Lilly had an afternoon free so she very kindly acted as my model so I could try out some different eyeshadow techniques. Nothing too ground breaking. I wanted to perfect a leopard print eyeshadow style and also do some tests for a smokey eye on brides. It was great fun and as we chatted about ways to do things, styles we liked, swapping hints and tips I absorbed so much.Its something Lilly regularly does. Offering to do friends make up even after a long tiring day running a workshop if it means she can try out something a little bit different. Its a fantastic discipline and one that I'm finding pays huge dividends to your technique.
I called this look "Unicorn bride" as Lilly looks quite otherworldly with her blue hair
Applying make up on a paying client isn't the time to experiment (unless they ask you to of course) so putting aside time to just have a play and try ideas out is so much fun.
What new things have you been trying lately? Does your career or hobby need a mini jump start? Carve out some time to try something different. You will be amazed how reinvigorated you will feel.

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