Thursday, 8 November 2012

Marie Antoinette: Cake, Wigs, Punk Rock!

One of my all time favourite films is Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette.
Its such a visual feast bursting with petal pinks, duck egg blue and vintage gold. I also think its so clever how it has a punk rock soundtrack rather than the obvious choice of classical music, it makes what could be just another bodice ripper rather edgy.
When I first watched the masquerade ball scene with the Siouxsie and the Banshees track Hong Kong garden playing underneath I nearly cried I loved it so much!

Having read  a lot about Marie Antoinette I'm aware that she represents the ultimate in inequality and am obviously not condoning how she and her court lived in the lap of luxury whilst Paris starved. However for sheer unadulterated gorgeous decadence this film based loosely on her life is in my top five.
Yeah look at my clock
I love the romance and the craziness that the film represents and even made a Marie Antoinette clock last year (which was featured in the Guardian and was not a popular craft project, I think the kitsch got slightly lost in translation but I don't care-eat my glue gun craft snobs)
Myself and Lilly are planning to shoot a Marie Antoinette Vintage Pamperbox homage sometime soon and as we had a spare hour inbetween clients decided to have a little play at getting our "Let them eat cake chic" on.
I loved doing all the make up and am more determined than ever to do a proper full shoot with this as a theme.
In the meantime here is a clip of the glorious film (if you haven't seen it I heartily recommend it) and some pictures of myself and Lilly having about as much fun as is possible with a pink wig and a make up kit!

I look worryingly like Joan Collins in this picture-now where is that bitch Crystal

Lilly Von Pink Wig
Just a "Day look" for Morrison's
Lilly was starting to lose her enthusiasm having acted as Betty's glorified Girls world for 3 hours

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  1. "the kitsch got slightly lost in translation" Hahaha - yeah, been there! It takes the biscuit when even crafters have to be 'too cool for skool'.

    I adore a bit of kitsch and opulence.

  2. Your clock is fab Betty! And yes, you really do look like Joanie in that pic! Definitely don't see that as a bad thing though..

    1. sadly its just the camera angle. i would dearly love to look like a young Joan Collins. x

  3. Love, LOVE this!

    I, too, became enamored of MA recently!
    Read (and viewed) anything I could get my hands on.

    I adore her! And her shoes! (Oh, gods....her shoes!)
    Even took to the repurpose of shoes in her name!

    Dashing over now to become offended over the fact that ANYONE could NOT adore your MA craft! ;)

    Have a lovely day!

    Collage Pirate

    1. Hi Mimi (loving that you are a collage pirate) yes my crush on all things MA seems to know no bounds either. I agree the shoes (swoon)

  4. I've just found your blog and I so happy it's so positive, beautiful and inspiring to all women - as are you! Vintage inspired fashion for today - check! Make up fun and inspiration - check! Blogger inspiring women of all shapes and sizes - check! I'm going to explore the archive a bit now, just wanted to thank you for the blog. And ask a question (which may be answered in a previous post, if so, sorry!) - how do you do your everyday hair (victory roll fringe)? ~ Sara

    1. Hi sara
      Welcome welcome. Im so glad you are enjoying the blog. As for my hair if you go to the section on teh sidebar called "vintage beauty' there is a few super easy youtube tutorials showing you how to do vivtory rolls, bettie page fringes etc xx

  5. Thank you Betty Bee! Going to try wrapping the hair around a tube when I get home - thanks for the awesome tip! ~ Sara


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