Sunday, 25 November 2012

Lisa Riley: Plus Sized Dancing Perfection

Lisa Riley-The beautiful dancer
I won’t lie, when ex Emmerdale actress Lisa Riley was named as part of the Strictly come dancing line up I inwardly groaned.
Year in, year out it seemed we had to contend with the “comedy fatty” 
A roly poly nightmare in spandex acting as perfect chuckle fodder to compliment the real dance "journeys" of the other stars.
Ann Widdecome, Russell Grant, John sergeant. Strictlys less than svelte contestants always seemed to be destined for increasingly ludicrous routines, Whether being blown out of cannons, thrown around like sacks of potatoes or flown on wires its always felt they were making the jokes in a desperate attempt to beat someone else to the punchline. 
The general message was always the same-fat people have no rhythm, always look ridiculous when performing any form of dance and can never be judged equally alongside the slimmer contestants.
Oh how "hillarious" another larger person who can't dance. Pass me the Tenaladies I just pissed myself
As a plus sized hottie with a lot of rhythm it quite frankly got on my tits and was always the low spot of a show I otherwise love very much indeed (its camp, it has great frocks and a live band its perfect TV viewing)
So how very happy am I that Lisa R has flown against the stereotype and proved to be a graceful, beautiful talented dancer.
From day one her attitude screamed, “Mock me if you dare but its you who will look foolish” and Ive slowly fallen under her spell.
The dream team
In the first few episodes I cringed as both the judges and Bruce Forsyth openly expressed shock at how good she was, as if her size was a disability that she was ‘overcoming’ and I do have real issues with some of the frocks they have put her in (news flash BBC wardrobe department larger ladies do have waists, they are just wider so not every creation has to be drop waisted) but little niggles aside it has warmed my cockles to see how utterly fabulous she has been (and getting better all the time) Lisa is dancing with the awesome Robin Windsor as if her life depends upon it and doing it very, very well.
Lisa you are warming my cockles
She has broken the cliché that larger figured celebrities on the show have to be a comedy turn. Her footwork, her timing, her musicality it’s all amazing. Her plus sized/curvy/fat (use whatever term you are comfortable with) body can perform a sizzling salsa, a dreamy ballroom or a classic Cha, cha, cha now isn’t that a turn up for the books.I thought us fatties couldn't run up a set of stairs without stroking out,got out of breath just from talking and were just plain old lazy? and yet this beautiful big boobied extra large lovely is as light on her feet as a gazelle and seems more than able to keep up with her professional partner.Weird that.
Dancing as if her life depends on it
I cant help thinking that all over the country women with less than perfect figures are suddenly thinking “hey if Mandy Dingle can produce a dance so exquisite it receives a standing ovation and the adoration of Craig Revel Horwood maybe I can do it do” and for that Lisa its a ten from me.
I may even break my non reality voting rule and pick up the phone. 
Lisa Riley to win and no not because she is plus sized but because she is the best dancer by a country mile.

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  1. I'm so glad you wrote this because you've put into words everything I've thought since Strictly started this year.
    Every week she brings actual tears to my eyes because I just feel so bloody emotional that FINALLY a big woman is just allowed to be good at something without being mocked. She's a beautiful dancer and it's so overwhelming to see. I also LOVE that every week after running up those stairs Robin is out of breath and she isn't :D
    I'm a big fat fatty but I consider myself a dancer. I went a dance school for ten years and ballet has always been a massive part of my life. I had to stop in my teens because of an injury but now I'm a bellydancer and I AM COCKING SEXY, DAMMIT! When I mention it to people I usually get a 'HA AS IF FATTY' look and it makes me so cross.
    We should totally go dancing one day. xxx

  2. I agree with everything you say. As usual. :-D

    Still annoys the feck out of me that the first question every magazine asks her is "How much weight have you lost since starting strictly"

    But baby steps,

    Lisa ROCKS

  3. I really,really want to hear CRH apologise for saying "good luck" in tones of doom to Robin when he was first paired up with Lisa. I know it won't happen, but it should! She has been absolutely fantastic in the series-and I would love her to beat Denise & James. I also love the chemistry between her & Robin...just enjoying working together. Brilliant

  4. So so true! She's been absolutely fabulous and she's a joy to watch. She's tearing down all those stereotypes and it's great, it just proves that some people have got the moves and some haven't and size has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  5. I don't watch telly very much tbh. From what you wrote all I can say is GO LISA!!!!

    I shall now catch up on some of SCD on iPlayer whilst at work :)

  6. I can only agree! She's fab, sexy and entertaining. Pure joy on legs! :)

  7. Ha, that's exactly what I have been thinking. As you, I was expecting the token funny fatty for everyone to laugh at but I couldn't be more pleased she is proving them wrong. But totally agree about the wardrobe, give the girl a waist!

  8. Yeah she is doing so well and while I admit she irritated me to start with, there is no denying she has done incredibly well and I hope its a fingers up to all who are mean about her.
    On another note entirely, have you announced the winner of your dress comp? Haven't seen anything about it.....
    Gem xx

    1. Hi Gem the winner was annouced yesterday at the bottom of the original post and on facebook & twitter. it was a lady called Livi Teapot x

  9. I'm totally Team Riley. Lisa is absolutely fab both as a person and a dancer. She lights up my Saturday nights. Stuff the X Factor, Strictly is where it's at! xx

  10. when will the winner of the dress be announced?

    1. Hi mama the winner was annouced yesterday at the bottom of the original post and on facebook & twitter. it was a lady called Livi Teapot x

  11. Fab isn't she? I couldn't believe her jive..... we've seen tiny weeny people puff & pant more! x

  12. I've cringed through so many seasons of Strictly with the obligatory fat person who couldn't dance and was dressed terribly.

    Well she may still be dressed terribly, not her fault, but Lisa is doing us proud and I think (I hope) going a long way in making people realise that us plus size girls are humans too.


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