Monday, 5 November 2012

Invasion Of The Killer Curves Tee Shirt

There are so many reasons why I'm the luckiest girl in the world when it comes to my husband. Not only is he kind, considerate and very funny,when I moaned a while ago about a distinct lack of tee shirts featuring curvy women he offered to design me one. And if you are familiar with his design work this is a rather splendid thing indeed.

We started working on the "Invasion Of The Killer Curves" tee shirt project  a while ago.
We both loved the idea of a race of big bangered futuristic hotties invading the planet and Mr Bee drew many variations of our busty heroine until we were happy.
She had to look strong,fierce and a little bit playful. An eye patch suggests she's a bit of a pirate, her ripped stockings show she is a woman of action, the ray gun tells you she takes no nonsense.
As well as being a super cool design its also a playful swipe at the constant media panic about "obesity epidemics" . It just bores the tits off me how its constantly bandied about as if being overweight is akin to having the plague. 
Plus sized and proud and ready to take you prisoner

People nowadays often talk about being fat in the way I imagine Victorians discussed consumption, terrified that it could strike at any moment. Imagine the horror an invasion of fatties ahhh we are coming to get you chomp, chomp, chomp.
A helmet, a raygun and a lotta (space) junk in my trunk
Anyway I digress. The tee shirt is here and I couldn't be prouder.Its sassy, its sexy its hot. Something women of all shapes and sizes are. 
I had such fun modelling this. It  gave me an excellent opportunity to dress up as a slightly saucy space girl with  a ray gun and space helmet. Whats not to love!
Invasion of the Killer curves

We are offering them with slashed necks as I find this the most flattering fit but also have them with the traditional round neck as well.Perfect for all those chaps who love the fuller figured gal to feature on their tees (and yes there are many)

Mr Bee designer of this rather fabby tee shirt and self confessed lover of curvalicous women

Rockin the round neck version

I hope you love them as much as I do and by designing a pin up girl who doesn't have the vital stats of a Barbie Doll I like to think we've added a well needed fat injection into the pin up art canon.

Killer Curve tee Shirts cost £12 and are available to buy from here

Killer Curves Nacklace by Bete noire jewellery
Red Wig by Wonderland wigs

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  1. It's amazing and it's on my Christmas list! xx

  2. LOVE this t-shirt. That pirate space girl is FANTASTIC!

    Although (and this is me musing nothing to do with the t-shirt actually), I am a traditionally 'curvy' woman (i.e. big bust and bum)... but I think of my wonderful non-curvy friends of all sizes, I often wonder if there is also a need in the market for representations of other body types above 'size 6' too. Because if a larger (or smaller, medium or whatever) woman is 'apple' shape, leggy with small boobs she is still beautiful... but the media seems only to accept 'slim gazelle' or 'bigger curvy' exist - like you don't get size 8 pears/hourglasses or size 18 gazelles/apples... does that make sense? I would love a whole series of t-shirts for every shape out there basically! Hahaha but I love this one as it does pretty much represent my body shape.

    Anyway, this is nothing to do with that fab t-shirt, it's just random musings on the mainstream media.

    1. I agree Perdita that women of all shapes should be represented in teh media. We just all need to chip away. Hopefully this teeshirt is just one little step x

  3. I just very subtly asked my hubby to get me one for Crimbo. Well, it was as subtle as a brick to the head!
    Betty this tee is FABBBY!

  4. I've ordered mine this morning! can't wait! x

  5. What about curvy, hourglass girls that are a size medium? I definitely am curvy but I wouldn't be able to buy one of these t-shirts because you don't go down to my size. Isn't that just a different type of discrimination?

    I like the tee and am partial to a space pirate or two but why cut out a whole segment of people? You're doing just what designers do in making your products exclusive to just a few sizes.

    Small women can have curves, it's a hip-to-waist ratio thing not a size thing.

    1. Hi jet
      Sizes small & medium are available and we will also be stockng sizes 3XL & 4XL so my range covers as many sizes as possible.

  6. Hi Jet. It's simply that I'm waiting for our small to mediums to arrive and they will be in stock by Monday.If you read my blog you will know I absolutely hate any form of body margenalisation do certainly wouldn't allow it to happen in my own product line, every shape and size is catered for and loved at BB towers


    Definitely my favourite T-shirt!!

  8. I really like this Killer Curves Tee Shirt. Its amazing and comfort.


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